It ‘Isnt Fair’: Female Athletes Ask Court to Uphold Idaho Law Banning Boys in Girls Sports

It 'Isnt Fair': Female Athletes Ask Court to Uphold Idaho Law Banning Boys in Girls Sports Two Idaho State University female athletes filed an appeal Wednesday in defense of an Idaho state law that prevents biological males who identify as female from competing on girls or womens teams.A federal judge last month overturned the law,... Read more

Jesus Isn’t on the Ballot. That Doesn’t Mean Christians Can Opt Out.

It started in 2004 as a little Bible study looking at the political implications of Jesus teaching and the social dimensions of the gospel. Four years later, during the 2008 presidential election, I published a book with Chris Haw called Jesus for President and took the movement out on a national tour, traveling through nearly... Read more

Gods Voice Isnt as Hidden as You Think

Many non-Christians have argued that if God were real, he would speak audibly or show himself to those who ask. Atheist Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say to God if he faced him in the next life. Russell’s response: God, you gave us insufficient evidence. Non-Christians aren’t the only ones who struggle... Read more

Theology isn’t only for pastors and scholars

(Photo: Unsplash/Hannah Busing)Churchgoing isn't as popular as it once was, but many people may still be open to learning about the Christian perspective of God, says Ligonier Ministries CEO Chris Larson.  Larson said while there was widespread "illiteracy" about the nature of God as revealed in the Bible, and a "worldwide theological famine", the findings... Read more

Self-Love Isnt Enough

I wasnt sure what I was getting into when I cracked open conservative political commentator Allie Beth Stuckeys book You Are Not Enough (And Thats Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love. You may know Stuckey as a contributor at The Blaze, and someone who, according to her bio, speaks to . . . Republican... Read more

John Lewis’ Fight for Justice Isn’t Over | RELEVANT Magazine

Rep. John Lewis has lived at the forefront of Americas fight for racial justice for the past half-century. He was the leader of more than 600 peaceful protests in Alabama and has been arrested more than 40 times. From being the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington, to serving more than 30... Read more

White Christians, Being ‘Woke’ Isn’t the Point | RELEVANT Magazine

White Christians need to confront the motivations that fuel the desire to be “woke.” I dont think that most of us who are white see how big of a problem this assumption of being woke is, which is why we dont spend the necessary time engaging in introspection and self-reflection. Why do we want... Read more

Why isn’t spiritual health and fitness taken seriously?

(Photo: Unsplash/Alex Bracken)When the coronavirus pandemic forced the UK into lockdown, many people sought new ways to keep physically and mentally fit to combat the consequences of sedentary living and isolation. That caused a surge in sales of dumbbells, yoga mats and online fitness programs; and a boom in subscriptions of Zoom, Netflix and online... Read more

2084 Isnt That Far Away

When you read or hear about artificial intelligence (AI), you probably have one of two reactions: fear of the unknown or some level of disregard because of other seemingly more pressing issues. Both reactions are understandable. AI seems like a far off, futuristic technology that doesn’t yet affect daily life. In reality, though, AI is... Read more

Conflict Isnt Always Bad

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, it caused a mixed reaction in relationships. Added time together has helped some people and strengthened some marriages. But others found close relationships more difficult. I’ve heard of several reports of increased quarreling, fighting, abuse, and separation/divorce. And Im afraid weve only seen the beginning of many relational problems connected... Read more

‘Protesting Isn’t Going Change Anybody,’ Only Jesus Can, Texas Man Professes

'Protesting Isn't Going Change Anybody,' Only Jesus Can, Texas Man Professes One man from Texas is calling for a change in America that goes beyond protesting.Jerry Roberts, who works as a facilities maintenance manager at a farm in Texas, recently shared a message titled What are you talking about? on his Facebook page... Read more

JK Rowling fights back against ‘transphobic’ accusations: ‘It isn’t hate to speak the truth’

British writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, poses during the launch of new online website Pottermore in London, England on June 23, 2011.REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett/File PhotoThe author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, is facing intense backlash online for reiterating that biological sex is real, comments many are now deeming... Read more

What If Marriage Isn’t Making Me As Holy As I Had Hoped? – Tim Challies

He told me he knew that marriage was designed not to make him happy, but to make him holy. He had accepted the wisdom in the phrase, and there is certainly an element of truth behind it: Marriage really can serve as a significant means of sanctification in the life of the believer and it... Read more

When Motherhood Isnt Enough

I dont even know who I am anymore, I said through tears as my infant twins screamed down the hall of our cramped apartment. Just a few months earlier, I couldnt imagine anything other than being their mother. I waited a long time to get pregnant with them, going to the office every day as... Read more

Why 1 Corinthians 13 Isnt Just for Weddings

Every year around this time, I buy a bag of those heart-shaped confections, the ones stamped with affectionate sayings: Be mine, One and Only, and xoxo. With Valentines Day around the corner, many of us scramble to purchase treats, make dinner reservations, order bouquets, and find just the right greeting card for loved ones. Its... Read more

When Life Isnt Fair | Thoughts about God by Katherine Kehler

The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it 1 Thessalonians 5:24 I was overlooked for the leadership position again. Someone much less qualified than me was chosen, she wrote. She was committed and qualified, but overlooked again and again. It was not right. She asked me, Is this the norm for... Read more

Why Racial Reconciliation Isnt The Answer to Racial Violence

Dr. King once said: Black supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.* I couldnt disagree more. Maybe you think the good doctor just rolled over in his grave at the notion that a Black Christian advocate for peace and justice disagrees with that idea, but hear me out. He made that statement in the wake... Read more

No, There Isn’t a Global Satanic Cult That Ritually Abuses Millions of Children, but for a Long Time We All Really Wanted to Believe There Was – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. Three days before Ronald Reagan was elected president, an alleged autobiography was published in Canada under the title Michelle Remembers. Cowritten by... Read more

North Korea chief Kim Jong-un most likely is not critically sick – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] North Korea (MNN) No dependable supply in North Korea has indicated that the countrys chief is sick. Pastor Eric Foley, of Voice of the Martyrs Korea (a sister ministry to Voice of the Martyrs Canada) says, It’s essential to know that not a single credible supply has given a sign of what's taking place... Read more

Church, This Is not About Our Non secular Freedom | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Each new day delivers yet one more story of wholesome folks with no underlying circumstances dying from the coronavirus. Coronary heart-wrenching tales like that of a wholesome New Jersey man in his 30s who died of the coronavirus are stark reminders to take lingering stay-at-home orders significantly. Individuals who have recovered from... Read more

Pricey School College students: The Mission Isnt Canceled

[ad_1] College campuses throughout the nation are canceled resulting from COVID-19. For a lot of Christian college students this pulls you away out of your campus ministries and the church buildings in your college context. Though you’re nonetheless taking courses on-line you might really feel you will have lots of time in your arms, and... Read more

After 25 Years, Jimmy Eat World Is not Simply Surviving – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Burrow down the proper YouTube rabbit gap and you discover video from the 2015 wedding ceremony reception of two people who find themselves doubtless unknown to most of its viewers. Groomsmen proceed to the entrance of the room, as onepresumably the most effective maninstructs the bride and groom to take their seats. Sealing the... Read more

So Your Enneagram Sort Isnt Certainly one of The ‘Cool’ Ones | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Youre an 8? Thats among the best sorts, I want I used to be a cool kind like an 8. I've heard that phrase or some variation of it too many instances to rely, and Ive heard it stated about a number of of my different fellow enneagrammers and their sorts. Admittedly,... Read more

Dont Assume Black Preaching Isnt Expositional

[ad_1] Since childhood Ive been influenced by the best way black preachers have spoken to the true and tangible wants throughout the African American neighborhood. I used to be raised in a black Baptist church in central Florida. As a child, I sat within the pews, ft dangling, Sunday after Sunday, watching preachers of Gods... Read more

The Most Essential Situation for Christian Voters in 2020 Is not What You Suppose It Is | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Are Christians single-issue voters? The widespread narrative is that, sure, American Christians will rally to any candidate who guarantees to ship on abortion laws like defunding Deliberate Parenthood or overturning Roe v Wade. However the actuality is, nearly no ballot suggests that is the case. In actual fact, polling developments counsel abortion... Read more

Why 1 Corinthians 13 Isnt Only for Weddings

[ad_1] Yearly round this time, I purchase a bag of these heart-shaped confections, those stamped with affectionate sayings: Be mine, One and Solely, and xoxo. With Valentines Day across the nook, many people scramble to buy treats, make dinner reservations, order bouquets, and discover simply the precise greeting card for family members. Its actually enjoyable.... Read more

Research: ‘Born Once more’ Is not Only for Evangelicals Anymore | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A brand new examine has discovered that “born again” a phrase that has usually been related most carefully with evangelicalism over the previous couple of many years is dropping its exclusivity. A number of Christians are referring to themselves as “born again” now, together with Mainline Protestants and Catholics. That examine comes... Read more

Why Your Kind Isnt At all times Good For You | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] After I was single, I might typically think about what my future relationship was going to be like. I questioned concerning the sort of man Id find yourself relationship and marrying. Id attempt to image who he could be and the way he would look. I questioned if once I finally had... Read more

Scoffing Isnt Humorous

[ad_1] As soon as, whereas leaving a peewee soccer recreation, in a second of horrible weak point and even worse judgment, I handed one snack-size bag of Cheetos and a single mini Gatorade to 2 youngsters within the backseat of my automotive. The backseat brew of those components and the messy chaos that ensued appears... Read more