A Word for Christians in Isolation // Wilko Olles – TGC Africa

Recent weeks have changed much. In fact, theyve changed almost everything, and that globally! Weve been forced to adapt on the fly to new circumstances as we navigate previously uncharted territory. Were learning what it means to be truly in isolation from the rest of the world, at least physically. Pastors are learning how to... Read more

5 Habits Christians in Isolation Can Cultivate – TGC Africa

With just over 200 countries affected by COVID-19, one thing is certain: most people have had to adjust the way they live. Things may never be the same again. Think of the impact on the world’s economy, tourism, healthcare, trade, national relations, etc. Some of us will experience the loss of loved ones. Most of... Read more

Belonging in a Time of Isolation

We are created for communion with God and othersso what do we do in a time of social distancing? How do we experience connection during chronic shelter-in-place orders? Many are looking to the flu pandemic of 1918 for understanding, but my mind keeps returning to the World War II bombings of London from September 1940... Read more

6 Ways to Lead Your Family in Isolation

6 Methods to Lead Your Household in Isolation

[ad_1] For 12 years, our household of six would make a 22-hour, 1,200-mile, two-day trek from New England to Alabama to see grandparents. Shopping for airline tickets for all of us was not in our price range. As we strapped ourselves, astronaut-like, into our beloved minivan for our 22 hours of compelled confinement, the query... Read more

Reaching out in a Time of Isolation

Reaching out in a Time of Isolation

[ad_1] Over the previous week our regular ministry commitments have been radically lowered because of the rapidescalation of the COVID-19 epidemic right here in Washington State and around the globe. The jail and jail have closed doorways to ministry. Weve moved our weekly Tierra Nueva gatherings for worship on-line. Our April commitments to show in... Read more