Is Physical Health a Spiritual Issue? | RELEVANT

After were done here, were gonna hold a little Bible Study. The man talking is Kelsey. Hes a good friend, a firefighter and, at the moment, a personal trainer at my new gym. Hes also, apparently, a Bible study leader. This article is part of a fall wellness series RELEVANT is producing in partnership withUnite... Read more

Greg Laurie Contracts COVID-19, Urges People to Stop Politicizing Issue: ‘It’s Real’

Greg Laurie Contracts COVID-19, Urges People to Stop Politicizing Issue: 'It's Real' Author and pastor Greg Laurie revealed Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is doing OK, although he requested prayer and urged Americans to stop politicizing the pandemic.Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, said he tested positive on Friday... Read more

Why Healthcare Is a Christian Issue | RELEVANT

As another election season approaches, healthcare has once again become a politicized topic in the American news cycles. The bitterness in both sides rhetoric suggest little hope for reconciliation, especially given the foundational disagreement regarding the role of government. As a Christian inundated by social media, political headlines and talk shows, I confess that distinguishing... Read more

CAPC Magazine Issue 2 of 2020: Wrestling Time – Christ and Pop Culture

Letter from the Editor: There’s No Time Like the Present As we enter into the crisper days of fall, Ive found myself reflecting back on the past six months. In our shared experience as humans, weve witnessed things move intensely fast in some ways: while COVID-19 death tolls have skyrocketed, so have scientific advancements. And... Read more

CAPC Magazine Issue 1 of 2020: Reaping Time – Christ and Pop Culture

Letter from the Editor: A Constant Change Time hounds each one of us. We look at the day ahead, all of us holding the same 24 hours to spend as we will. We work. We worship. We play. We learn. We rest. We invest these pieces of time for some desired end. And what do... Read more

Pandemic is a divisive issue in some churches – survey

(Photo: Pexels/Luis Quintero)To re-open or not to re-open during the coronavirus pandemic has become a "pressure point" for many churches, a new poll shows.  The survey by Lifeway Research asked 443 Protestant pastors in the US what they see as the greatest challenges for their churches at the moment.  Over a quarter of the pastors... Read more

Professors issue correction to paper on mental health benefits of ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries

PixabayTwo professors who published a paper last year on the mental health benefits of 'gender-affirming' surgeries have revised their original findings.  The population study, published last October in the American Journal of Psychiatry, was conducted by John Pachankis, associate professor at Yale School of Public Health, and Richard Brnstrm, associate professor at Sweden's Karolinska Institute. They analysed... Read more

Abortion Is a More Important Issue to Pro-Life Voters than Pro-Choicers, Gallup Shows

Abortion Is a More Important Issue to Pro-Life Voters than Pro-Choicers, Gallup Shows Pro-lifers are more likely than pro-choicers to be single-issue voters and say they will only vote for someone who shares their beliefs about abortion, according to a new Gallup survey.The poll of 1,028 adults found that 30 percent of pro-life... Read more

Race is a huge issue and needs addressing in our churches

(Photo: Unsplash/James Eades)Britain is still profoundly uncomfortable with race, says Reni Eddo-Lodge in her best-selling book, Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race. With that challenge in mind, how the Christian community expresses itself across the boundaries of race and ethnicity is a significant pointer to its determination to strive for unity.... Read more

‘A Moral Issue’: Mississippi Baptist Convention Urges Removal of Confederate Emblem from State Flag

'A Moral Issue': Mississippi Baptist Convention Urges Removal of Confederate Emblem from State Flag Calling it a moral issue, the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board on Tuesday urged the state legislature to change the state flag, which has incorporated the Confederate battle flag since 1894.Our position on this is not motivated by politics, Shawn... Read more

Evangelical theologians issue joint statement calling racism ‘contrary to Scripture’ and the Gospel

(Photo: Unsplash/James Eades)Dozens of evangelical theologians have added their names to a statement condemning racism as "contrary to Scripture and to the evangelical gospel". The statement, issued on Monday, acknowledges that while evangelicals like William Wilberforce campaigned for the abolition of slavery, there were also "negatively those who assimilated the values of their surrounding unjust culture". "Today's situation... Read more

SBC President: ‘Southern Baptists, We Need to Say It Clearly as a Gospel Issue: Black Lives Matter’ | RELEVANT Magazine

In a lengthy address, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear addressed the largest group of Protestant churches in the U.S. and made some unusually strong statements regarding the SBC’s position on current events and how they relate to the central mission of the conference. Notably, Greear acknowledged the ugly origins of the church he... Read more

Texas Lt. Governor Says Racism Is an “Issue of Love” Healed by Turning to God

Texas Lt. Governor Says Racism Is an "Issue of Love" Healed by Turning to God In the aftermath of George Floyds death by a Minneapolis police officer, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick asserted that turning to God is needed to deal with racism and civil unrest.The Lt. Governor told Fox News on Wednesday... Read more

The Problem With ‘It’s Not a Skin Issue, It’s a Sin Issue’ | RELEVANT Magazine

On Tuesday, Dr. Dharius Daniels took to Instagram to share some thoughts on the idea of racism being a “sin issue,” that can’t be addressed through practical means like law, legislation and activism. His answer addresses some common Christian responses to racial injustice that, whatever the intention, often end up minimizing the work being... Read more

Scholar Mortgage Forgiveness: A Church Vitality Subject | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Every year the USA Govt Department has the distinctive honor and alternative to set the countrys monetary priorities via its proposed price range. A heated matter of dialogue inside President Trumps 2021 fiscal yr price range is the decision for an finish to the Public Service Scholar Mortgage Forgiveness Program. The Public... Read more

The Most Essential Situation for Christian Voters in 2020 Is not What You Suppose It Is | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Are Christians single-issue voters? The widespread narrative is that, sure, American Christians will rally to any candidate who guarantees to ship on abortion laws like defunding Deliberate Parenthood or overturning Roe v Wade. However the actuality is, nearly no ballot suggests that is the case. In actual fact, polling developments counsel abortion... Read more

CAPC Journal Situation three of 2019: Self-Definitions – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Letter from the Editor: Inform Me Who I Am Someone has posited that whenever you meet somebody new, you've simply seven seconds to make a great impression. That is when you want to be prepared with a heat smile, a agency handshake, and a brief however memorable introduction. All these items will be rigorously... Read more

CAPC Journal Difficulty Four of 2019: Misfits – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Letter from the Editor: A Correct Misfit Mentality Outrage tradition appears to be at its prime nowadays, enabled by social media activists clamoring for sinners to be known as to account on all the pieces from dietary selections to political debates to parenting methods to environmental points. With this potential for push again, nevertheless,... Read more