Kristen Bell and Jenny Slates Are Both Backing Away From Their Nonwhite Animated Characters | RELEVANT Magazine

On Wednesday, Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate both released statements about their work onCentral ParkandBig Mouth, respectively. On those animated shows, Bell and Slate who are both white voice young women of color. They’ve both fielded a little criticism for taking roles that could have gone to actors of color and, given the enormous... Read more

Jenny L. Donnelly

Relaxation Is Not Disconnection: An Interview with Jenny L. Donnelly – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] Do you are concerned rather a lot? Is it widespread so that you can dread upcoming occasions? Does strain or stress set off outbursts of anger, isolation, despair, or emotions of failure?  Do you could have a tough time ending what you begin? Do you discover it not possible to work in the course... Read more