30 Bible Verses for a Joyful Marriage

What does the Bible say about marriage? Scripture provides sage advice on what to look for in a lifelong partner and how to interact with them in marriage. The Bible famously warns us not to be in a relationship with someone with whom we are "unequally yoked," saying that our fundamental beliefs and values play... Read more

Coldplays Tiny Desk Concert Is a Refreshingly Joyful Escape | RELEVANT Magazine

Coldplays Tiny Desk Live performance Is a Refreshingly Joyful Escape | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Previous to most of the countrys workplace staff being compelled to make money working from home due to the coronavirus, Coldplay stopped by the NPR headquarters for a Tiny Desk live performance. Accompanied by a choir, Chris Martin and firm delivered a refreshingly joyful five-song set that’s lots rowdier and extra playful... Read more