Prepare for Advent with the Keys for Kids Christmas devotional

USA (MNN) — If there was ever a year to start a new, meaningful Christmas tradition with your kids, its this year. We havent even hit Thanksgiving yet, but now is the time to plan how you want to spend your socially-distanced Advent season as a family. To that end, Keys for Kids Ministries is... Read more

Help Kids Behold the Point of Popular Culture

As a new school year begins, Christians keep wrestling with popular culture: the stories, songs, games, and more that fill our world and influence our children. Parents often ask, How much is too much? about their childrens smartphones or game-playing time. Pastors, who may have once cautioned about popular culture, now wonder if they should... Read more

‘More Kids Have Heard about Christ Through These Shoebox’: Edward Graham Lauds Operation Christmas Child

'More Kids Have Heard about Christ Through These Shoebox': Edward Graham Lauds Operation Christmas Child Edward Graham, the grandson of the late Billy Graham, says Operation Christmas Child reaches more children and unreached people with the Gospel than any other global evangelistic event.More kids have heard about Christ through these shoebox distributions than ever heard about... Read more

Kanye West launches Christian academy for kids

Kanye West is expanding his Christian projects with the launch of a new faith-based academy for kids.  The Yeezy Christian Academy's first cohort appears to include his own 7-year-old daughter North and 4-year-old son Saint, who both appeared in the promo video shared on the "Jesus is King" rapper's social media. They were seen with... Read more

Most Americans voters support female-only spaces and oppose medical transition for trans kids

(Photo: Unsplash/Rui Magalhes)The vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, support the preservation of single-sex spaces and women's sports as female-only, a new survey has found. The poll, which was conducted by Spry Strategies on behalf of Women's Liberation Front, found that a majority of likely voters in the 2020 election object to... Read more

7 Biblical Truths to Teach Your Kids about the 2020 Election

I cant WAIT until the election is over! a friend texted the other day.And I totally agree. Probably you do, too.But as these last few weeks of political ping pong (or dodge ball J) play out, dont overlook the valuable learning opportunities the 2020 election can provide for your children. Use this irritating, ugly season... Read more

New law loosens euthanasia restrictions for kids 12 and under – Mission Network News

Netherlands (MNN) — Netherlands government will allow terminally-ill children between the ages of 1 and 12 years old to be euthanized, CNA reports. Officials expect this legislation will affect 5 to 10 children per year. Under current laws, Dutch doctors can euthanize children older than 12 and younger than 1 with parental consent. This is... Read more

How Should Christians Talk to Their Kids about LGBTQ Issues?

1. Talk to your kids about TRUTH. We live in a culture that denies truth. The world says that what is true for you isnt necessarily true for me. The worlds truth is subjective. Thats fine as long as were talking about the best burger joint or who was the greatest hitter in baseball history.... Read more

Husband of Christian blogger and 3 kids killed in car crash speaks of ‘abundance of loss’

Zoe Powell, her husband Josh and their four childrenThe husband of a Christian blogger who died along with three of their children in a horrific road accident in Oxford has spoken of an "abundance of loss" in a moving tribute to his family. Josh Powell survived the crash along with 18-month-old daughter Penny.  His wife, Zoe,... Read more

TGC Podcast: Danny Akin on Teaching Kids to Love the Nations

The following is a lightly edited transcript; please check the audio or video before quoting. Danny Akin: Little Global Hearts. How to give our children a vision for the world, building Great Commission families. Two texts that are going to drive my study this morning, the first I will read now, and the other in... Read more

The Trailer for ‘Roald Dahl’s The Witches’ Pits Transmorgrified Kids Against Evil Anne Hathaway | RELEVANT

Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of Road Dahl’s The Witcheswas supposed to be one of Hollywood’s autumn tentpoles but, obviously, things are changing and now it’s headed to HBOMax. That’s appropriate enough, since change is a big part of this children’s classic, which features a group of kids who’ve been turned into mice, out to get the... Read more

Things I Did My Kids Never Will – Tim Challies

Youve probably had this experience with one of your childrenthe experience of trying to explain something that was a part of your childhood, but is completely foreign to theirs. Though we arent that far removed from the years when we were young, the pace of technological change has been unparalleled. What was mind-blowing in the... Read more

How Does COVID-19 Affect Kids and Babies? – The Gospel Coalition

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Dr. Scott James: You’re listening to TGC Q&A, a podcast from The Gospel Coalition. This is the Christians and Healthcare series, where we seek to answer questions at the intersection of faith and... Read more

Kids in Read-A-Thon can support children in India! – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — Heres a chance to get your kids reading with Great Commission impact! Sonlight Christian Homeschool Curriculum is hosting a Read-A-Thon so children and teens can raise funds for ministries like Mission India. When kids sign up to support Mission India through the Sonlight Read-A-Thon, every dollar fundraised will be matched by Sonlight... Read more

A simple way to keep your kids spiritually grounded this school year

USA (MNN) — For the first time in living memory, kids have started a new academic year in the middle of a pandemic. For children attending school in-person, masks are now donned along with backpacks. Desks and doorknobs are heavily sanitized. And for those learning virtually or homeschooling, parents are suddenly tasked with facilitating or... Read more

Songs to Help Kids Love God: 14 Artists to Know

As a newish dad of young kids (2-year-old and 1-month-old boys), one of my biggest burdens is how their hearts and minds will be shaped to love God and his Word in a highly secular, post-Christian, over-mediated culture where all manner of voices will constantly clamor for their attention. Fully aware that a few hours... Read more

Keys for Kids nears end of “Summer of Fun” – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — For kids, summer means camp, trips to the beach, and grabbing ice cream with friends. What it doesnt usually mean is doing it all in facemasks – or in many cases, not doing it at all. But like it or not, thats what 2020s summer brought. Games, camps, and other summer activities... Read more

6 Best Ways to Model True Discernment for Your Kids

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him... Read more

Netflix Defends Transgender Plot in Kids’ Series Baby-Sitters Club: It’s ‘Updated for 2020’

Netflix Defends Transgender Plot in Kids' Series Baby-Sitters Club: It's 'Updated for 2020' Netflix is defending its decision to include a transgender angle in its new series The Baby-Sitters Club, saying the plot is smart and sweet and supports children who want to identify with a different gender.The live-action series is based on... Read more

Christian Adoption Agency Does Not Have to Place Kids in Same-Sex Homes, Appeals Court Rules

Christian Adoption Agency Does Not Have to Place Kids in Same-Sex Homes, Appeals Court Rules Earlier this week, an appeals court ruled that a New York-based Christian adoption agency can now sue the state of New York for attempting to shut them down because the charity does not place children with same-sex or... Read more

Millions of Kids Wont Be at School This Fall. Christians Can Step Up to Serve.

This week California announced that the 20202021 school year will start online for several of its most populous counties. Many such announcements will likely be made across the country. For millions of Americans, the prospect of their kids doing school at home this fall presents yet another unprecedented challenge. When I served in the military,... Read more

Netflix Introduces Transgender Child into TV-G Kids’ Show, Baby-Sitters Club

Netflix Introduces Transgender Child into TV-G Kids' Show, Baby-Sitters Club A popular new Netflix series available on childrens platforms includes a young transgender character and promotes the idea that gender can change.The live-action original series, The Baby-Sitters Club, is rated TV-G and follows the story of five middle-school girls who launch a babysitting... Read more

SKILD supports kids with learning differences during COVID-19 – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) In a country tormented by COVID-19, corruption, and financial crisis, SKILD continues to advocate for kids with learning differences. COVID-19 has shut down schools around the world, and kids with learning differences in Lebanon need extra support. Hiba Al-Jamal explains the LSESD program helps a lot of different students, both at public and... Read more

SKILD provides support for kids with learning differences during COVDI-19 – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) In a country tormented by COVID-19, corruption, and financial crisis, SKILD continues to advocate for kids with learning differences. COVID-19 has shut down schools around the world, and kids with learning differences in Lebanon need extra support. Hiba Al-Jamal explains the LSESD program helps a lot of different students, both at public and... Read more

I want my wife to work and she wants to stay home with our kids. What should we do? | Pastor Mark Driscoll

A husband wrote in saying that he wants his wife to work but she would like to stay home with their kids. In this weeks video, Pastor Mark and Grace answer this question and give helpful, practical advice for the couple. Have a question youd like answered in a potential future Ask Pastor Mark video?... Read more

Introducing TGC Kids Books!

I never had this routine as a child, but its one I relish as a father and my children now expect each evening: read-aloud storytime. Whether its rehearsing a Bible story, searching for Wimmelbook characters, or working through another Sandra Boynton whimsical tale, childrens books make indelible impressions on young minds. Thats why we at... Read more