Christian education lacking in Nuba Mountains – Mission Network News

Sudan (MNN) — More than three million kids between the ages of five and 13-years old are out of school in Sudan, the UN reports. Thats one of the worst education rankings throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Multiple factors keep kids out of the classroom, including ongoing conflict, a lack of infrastructure, and... Read more

What Does It Mean to Fill Up Whats Lacking in Christs Afflictions?

The book of Colossians will make you scratch your head. In this little letter, Paul refers to Jesus as the firstborn of all creation (Col. 1:15), talks about the circumcision of Christ (2:11), refers to strange worship practices (2:18, 23), and mentions his unknown epistle to Laodicea (4:16)just to mention a few tricky passages. But... Read more