White Church Leaders’ Praise + Protest Pledge

As white church leaders, ministry leaders, worship leaders, songwriters, artists, producers, company owners, heads of organizations, we come together to express our commitment towards fighting racial injustice in our own spheres of influence and America at large. Through this signed statement, we pledge to begin the work required to build environments that are racially just... Read more

Heart for Lebanon equips Syrian leaders – Mission Network News

Syria (MNN) Heart for Lebanon is equipping Syrian leaders from among the refugee population in Lebanon through a new leadership development curriculum. Heart for Lebanons Tom Atema explains how evangelism is key to the organization. If Heart for Lebanon is known for anything, it should and must be known for an organization that makes disciples.... Read more

Evangelical Leaders Are Speaking up about Race But Will This New Focus Last?

Evangelical Leaders Are Speaking up about Race But Will This New Focus Last? (RNS) Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear said, Of course, Black lives matter.Religious broadcasting veteran Pat Robertson stated, It seems like now is the time to say, I understand your pain. I want to comfort you.Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen... Read more

Dozens of Christian leaders sue Government over closure of churches during lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Kyler Nixon)Some 25 church leaders are suing the Government over the forced closure of churches during lockdown.  The Government announced last week that churches could re-open for services on 4 July, having already been allowed to open for private prayer for several weeks.   However, a coalition of church leaders says the announcement does not... Read more

Church leaders ask UK Government to help stop annexation of West Bank

(Photo: Unsplash/Cole Keister)Catholic and Anglican bishops have asked the UK Government to help prevent the annexation of the West Bank. Israel is preparing to annex parts of the West Bank from 1 July in a move strongly opposed by Church leaders. The Rt Rev Declan Lang, Catholic Bishop of Clifton and Chair of the Holy... Read more

Christians Attacked in Sudan after Incitement by Mosque Leaders in Khartoum

Christians Attacked in Sudan after Incitement by Mosque Leaders in Khartoum JUBA, South Sudan, June 24, 2020 (Morning Star News) Following calls from mosque leaders in east Khartoum, Sudan to rid their Muslim area of South Sudanese Christians, several Christians were attacked there and in neighboring Omdurman this month, sources said.At the end... Read more

Ed Stetzer Calls Out Misogyny in the Church after Degrading Comments from Church Leaders Surface

Ed Stetzer Calls Out Misogyny in the Church after Degrading Comments from Church Leaders Surface A debate on the role of women leaders in the church has resurfaced after social media pages revealed some complementarians privately decrying author Aimee Byrd.In a Facebook group called Geneva Commons, elders from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and... Read more

Hundreds of faith leaders call on Prime Minister to grant child refugees sanctuary in the UK

Migrants stay in a queue after arriving at the Austrian-German border in Wegscheid near Passau, Germany, on Oct. 27, 2015.ReutersHundreds of faith leaders have written to the Prime Minister urging him to grant sanctuary in the UK to child refugees. The open letter has been organised by the Safe Passage campaign and has been signed by... Read more

Here’s How Faith Leaders Are Celebrating Juneteenth | RELEVANT Magazine

Juneteenth hits a particularly pivotal moment this year, with conversations about the oppression of black Americans having been thrust into the spotlight following weeks of protests around the Black Lives Matter cause. The holiday commemorates the day slaves in Texas were told they were free, some two years after the signing of the Emancipation... Read more

San Diego Churches, City Leaders to Gather for Prayer Event

San Diego Churches, City Leaders to Gather for Prayer Event A group of churches in San Diego will gather on Saturday to pray for healing and restoration in our city.The almost 100 churches and over 3,000 people will pray for the city to continue to heal as they wrestle with racial division due... Read more

Faith Leaders Around the Country Prepare for Historic Juneteenth Celebrations

Faith Leaders Around the Country Prepare for Historic Juneteenth Celebrations (RNS) This Juneteenth, Pastor Eddie Anderson will be among many social justice activists, educators and faith leaders around the country reflecting on the role of the black church in the Black Lives Matter movement.Anderson will participate in a breakout discussion that is part... Read more

Supreme Court’s LGBT Decision Could Pose ‘Grave Threat to Religious Liberty,’ Christian Leaders Say

Supreme Court's LGBT Decision Could Pose 'Grave Threat to Religious Liberty,' Christian Leaders Say Christian leaders and legal experts alike warned Monday that religious liberty is in danger after the Supreme Court ruled the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment.The case... Read more

Why We Must Train Leaders in (and for) the Church

Another book on leadership? Admittedly, this was my initial thought when I picked upThe Leadership Formula: Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in the Church. There are countless articles, blogs, and books on the topic of leadership crisis. But the problem isn’t the absence of leadership so much as the absence of healthy leaders. This... Read more

President Trump Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Police Reform, Anti-Racism

President Trump Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Police Reform, Anti-Racism President Donald Trump met this week with conservative black leaders to discuss police reforms and other anti-racism proposals.According to the Christian Post, the meeting was the first of two. In Dallas later in the week, Trump also met with black leaders to... Read more

Church leaders oppose Israel’s annexation of the West Bank

Palestinians place flags on road signs during a protest against Jewish settlements near Ma'on settlement, south of the West Bank city of Hebron.ReutersThe heads of the Church of England and Catholic Church in England and Wales have expressed their opposition to the annexation of West Bank territory by Israel. The Archbishop of Canterbury and Cardinal Archbishop... Read more

Government roundtable hears call to work with faith leaders on tackling coronavirus

Faith groups have played a key role in Christian Aid's Ebola response in Sierra Leone, including by distributing food to quarantined homes in the capital Freetown.(Photo: Christian Aid/A D'Unienville)Human rights minister Lord Ahmad has held a virtual roundtable with faith leaders to discuss the global impact of coronavirus on religious communities.The chief executives of faith-based... Read more

“Our Focus Now Is on Healing,” Mike Pence Tells Black Faith Leaders at Listening Session

"Our Focus Now Is on Healing," Mike Pence Tells Black Faith Leaders at Listening Session Saying the focus is now on healing America, Vice President Mike Pence took part in a listening session Friday with faith and community leaders at a Maryland church that highlighted strategies to bring the country together following the... Read more

Mike Pence meets black faith leaders after George Floyd death

Vice President Mike Pence speaking alongside Bishop Harry Jackson of Maryland's mostly black Hope Christian Church in Beltsville.(Photo: YouTube)The church is a good place to start a conversation about healing the racial rift in America, US Vice President Mike Pence has said.Pence met black community and faith leaders for a listening session at a Maryland... Read more

Christian leaders urge Government to allow re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Angela Baker)Church leaders are urging the Government to re-think plans to keep places of worship closed until July. The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, has written to MPs within his diocese to ask that they lobby for church buildings to re-open again. The open letter calls for an "urgent review of the continued closure of... Read more

‘Racism is an affront to God’ – Church leaders lament death of George Floyd

(Photo: Reuters)Church leaders have condemned racism as riots continue to rage across the US following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died last week in Minnesota while being detained by a white police officer. In a joint statement, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said... Read more

More honesty would go a long way to restoring trust in our leaders

(Photo: Unsplash/Jurica Koleti)Like most people, I was fascinated by the frenzied discussions surrounding Dominic's 'Cummings and goings' and I have come to the conclusion that the whole sorry saga has highlighted the vital importance of trust in civic life.I will continue to respect those who govern us both locally and nationally, even when I disagree... Read more

Christian Leaders Are Marching, Speaking Up and Protesting Racial Violence | RELEVANT Magazine

Over the weekend, people across the country and all over the world protested the unjust killing of George Floyd, who was the latest black person to be killed by the state for no reason. The unrest has set off many important conversations and actions, as well as plenty of anxiety, unrest and outrage as... Read more

How Church Leaders Can Help Domestic Violence Victims

Two decades ago, my husband (now ex-husband) called me on the way home. His angry words drove ice-cold fear into my heart. Despite my prayers for change, the cycle of abuse was starting again. Based on past experience, his verbal tirades would soon spiral into threats of bodily harm. I immediately gathered my children and... Read more

Religious leaders join condemnation of Beijing’s new national security law for Hong Kong

Hong Kongers are fearful of their future under Beijing control(Photo: Unsplash/Han Min T)The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Church of England bishops are among the religious leaders to have added their names to an international letter signed by hundreds of leaders around the world condemning Beijing's new national security law in Hong... Read more

Christian leaders in call for churches to be allowed to re-open

(Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles)Christian leaders from different denominations have issued a joint call to the Government to review continued church closures over Covid-19.In their letter, they ask the Government to urgently review lockdown measures preventing churches from re-opening to the public, calling them both unneccessary and unlawful. While the Government has moved to allow smaller social gatherings... Read more

Here’s What Minneapolis-Area Christian Leaders Are Saying As the City Burns | RELEVANT Magazine

Late Thursday, President Donald Trump tweeted his first public statement about the riots in Minneapolis, which started as a result of the murder of George Floyd and the city’s subsequent inaction against the police officers who killed him. Trump tweeted that “these THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I wont let... Read more

5 Leaders on How the Church Can Get Involved in the Fight Against Racial Injustice | RELEVANT Magazine

Last year, RELEVANT invited some of our favorite people to contribute to a series of roundtables about the state of justice and faith in the American Church. Unsurprisingly, the conversation regularly turned to racism and how many churches have grappled, for better or worse, with addressing the country’s ongoing legacy of marginalizing, devaluing and... Read more

Christian leaders call for justice after death of George Floyd

George Floyd(Photo: Facebook)In the bystander video that has been watched by millions around the world, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man, begged for his life and cried for his mother before he visibly stopped breathing with the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer still pinned to his neck on Monday.The video (warning: shocking... Read more

5 Ways Women Leaders Can Deal with Adversity

5. Ruthlessly Deal with Personal Fear The more chaotic or uncertain our world feels, the more likely we are to respond from fear rather than faith. This means, when adversity hits, we need to be extra diligent to remain close to Christ. Hes our power source (John 15:1-4), Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), an ever-present... Read more

Church Leaders: Stay Closed (For Now)

In the coming weeks, church leaders must choose whether to hold public meetings, or continue to cancel them because of the coronavirus pandemic; to obey the scriptural command to not give up meeting together, or the governments command to stop meeting together; to feed souls or to protect bodies. Souls and Scripture trump bodies and... Read more