Jordan, LeBron, and Jesus

Stephen A. Smith said something revealing in one of the endless televised debates about LeBron James versus Michael Jordan: As long as Im living and breathing, and Ive got breath in my body, and I got a voice, and I got vocal cords, you will hear me say LeBron James is no Michael Jordan. To... Read more

13,000 Former Felons Will Be Able to Vote After Lebron James, Mike Bloomberg and Others Paid Their Fees | RELEVANT

Former felons in Florida who’ve been stymied by a contentious Florida law that requires them to pay their court fines and fees before being allowed to vote are getting a boost from a group of wealthy celebrities. Lebron James, Mike Bloomberg and other moneybag types have pooled their resources to pay the court fines and... Read more

Lebron James’ Voting Rights Group Will Help Cover Your Lyft Ride to Vote in Harris County, Texas | RELEVANT

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is facing two voting rights lawsuits over an order allowing Texas counties to provide no more than one drop-off location for voters with absentee ballots. The last-minute law is part of an enormous controversy in the U.S. about the security of mail-in voting, the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service and... Read more