Group Creates Site to Help Christian Voters Understand Candidates’ Platforms Through a Biblical Lens

Group Creates Site to Help Christian Voters Understand Candidates' Platforms Through a Biblical Lens The Salt & Light Council has created a new political resource to help biblically-minded voters parse through the candidates positions in line with a biblical worldview."Biblical Voter, created two years ago by the council, has information on local, state, and national candidates... Read more

The Power of Seeing 2020 through a New Lens

What Navigating a Pandemic Has Taught Us I wish this pandemic came with a preparation manual ahead of time. I wish we had 20/20 vision to know what was ahead. Many of us heard whispers of this virus, yet I doubt we knew it would be the fight we still had to endure.  1. How to... Read more

Lloyd-Jones: Help People See Crisis as Both a Mirror and a Lens

In September 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, and Britain declared war. One month later, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the newly appointed associate pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, preached five Sunday sermons soon published under the title Why Does God Allow War?. The London Blitz would occur less than a year later. So these sermons were preached... Read more

The Priesthood of Believers: A Lens for Viewing the World

[ad_1] We Aspire to Be Shut As we stay in our identification as a priestwhich implies that we're close to to Godthere are a few issues that emerge as we glance out into the world. One is that we discover when kids are damage, they need to come near somebody who loves them. We discover... Read more