The Most Important Lesson Seminary Taught Me

The man who would eventually become my mentor and doctoral superviser, Tom Nettles, taught me three profoundly valuable words for ministry during my first week as a seminary student 20 years ago: I dont know.” Those words came in reply to a students question about Baptist history, a topic on which Tom has written thousands... Read more

The Most Important Lesson Parents Teach

Motherhood is joyful but daunting. We never feel like an expert because the subject keeps changing. Just when we know how to parent a toddler, its time for elementary school. Once weve gotten tweens figured out, were parenting teensand then, all of the sudden, were waving goodbye as they head off to college. As we... Read more

Scholarship in a Pandemic? A Lesson from C. S. Lewis

The first time I wore a facemask and plastic gloves to our local grocery story, I was struck by the reality that things were not normal. In January 2020, the world first learned about a novel coronavirus outbreak that infected thousands of people in China. But by March, this faraway epidemic had become a worldwide... Read more