The Gospel Coalition Podcast: Literary Tools to Understand Deborah

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Kathleen Nielson: It is a delight to spend the session digging into the Old Testament story of Deborah together. At the start, I would like to mention four specific goals for this session.... Read more

How to Apply Literary Sensibility to Christian Doctrine

From Literature to Theology If you pull a book of systematic theology off the shelf and thumb through it, youll quickly see it looks a lot different than the Bible. It tends to be more technical, more precise in its definitions. So how do we get from the Biblewhich has all of these stories, poems,... Read more

Literary Genius in the Story of Jesus

Behold, something greater than Jonah is here. . . . Behold, something greater than Solomon is here (Matt. 12:4142). For Jesuss audience, and for us too, Jonah and Solomon exist within story. These men are inseparable from their goals, their conflicts, and their stories resolution. For Jesus to say something greater than these men has... Read more

Four Issues that Make the Bible Literary

[ad_1] 4 Issues That Make the Bible Literary The reply to the query, What does it imply that the Bible is literature? is, in fact, an enormous subject. Im going to offer a mid-level reply by mentioning 4 issues that make the Bible literary. 1. It consists of literary genres. The one that's apparent and... Read more

5 Fallacies a couple of Literary Strategy to the Bible

[ad_1] Studying and Decoding the Bible as Literature Any piece of writing must be assimilated and interpreted by way of the sort of writing that it's. The Bible is a literary e-book during which theology and historical past are often embodied in literary types. These types embrace genres, the expression of human expertise in concrete... Read more