Love That Changes Lives

They were going to kill me.Many years ago, a group of men caught me doing something terrible. As they dragged me away, sheer terror exploded through my body like lightning, because I knew they were going to kill me. More than that, I knew how men like these operated: they were going beat me and... Read more

Police Respond to Clash between Black Lives Matter Protesters, Churchgoers in New York

Police Respond to Clash between Black Lives Matter Protesters, Churchgoers in New York Police were called in after a clash on Sunday between Black Lives Matter protesters and churchgoers at a church in Troy, New York.Its unclear why protesters targeted Grace Baptist Church for demonstrations, but activists reportedly harassed church members.According to the... Read more

Why the Church Needs to Stop Preaching “All Lives Matter” | RELEVANT Magazine

Throughout my time following Christ, different aspects of my reality have been shattered. Becoming a follower of Jesus as a teenager meant that I simply did not know much about life and perspectives other than my own. Thats an unfortunate fact of my life. However, the solution to broadening my worldview was equally as... Read more

Terry Crews under Fire for Criticizing Black Lives Matter Movement

Terry Crews under Fire for Criticizing Black Lives Matter Movement Well-known actor, TV host and professing Christian Terry Crews has become a polarizing figure amid rising racial tension in the U.S.Late last month, the 51-year-old Americas Got Talent host was met by widespread backlash on Twitter after he expressed concerns over the Black... Read more

Do Chinese lives matter?

(Photo: Unsplash/Pop&Zebra)"Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our times". Just a word of advice: don't wear that on a T-shirt or even say it if you are visiting Hong Kong. It's not just that it's unwise; it is now illegal. Indeed it is illegal for any Hong Kong citizen to say that anywhere in the world... Read more

Dr. Voddie Baucham Speaks Out against the Black Lives Matter Organization

Dr. Voddie Baucham Speaks Out against the Black Lives Matter Organization Dr. Voddie Baucham, the Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, recently gave some words of warning regarding the Black Lives Matter organization on Glenn Becks radio program.According to The Blaze, Baucham cautioned against the organization noting that people... Read more

Black Jesus painting installed at St Albans Cathedral in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

A Last Supper by Lorna May WadsworthJesus is depicted as a black man in a painting being installed at St Albans Cathedral in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. 'A Last Supper' by Lorna May Wadsworth is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper and depicts a black Jesus with his arms outstretched.  Ms Wadsworth... Read more

‘Jesus Christ Is the Most Famous Black Radical Revolutionary In History,’ Black Lives Matter Leader Says

'Jesus Christ Is the Most Famous Black Radical Revolutionary In History,' Black Lives Matter Leader Says In an interview with Fox News, Hawk Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, claimed Jesus was the most famous black radical revolutionary in history.On Wednesday evening, Fox News Host Martha MacCallum had... Read more

Affirm ‘Black Lives Matter’ but Reject the Organization, Mohler Urges Christians

Affirm 'Black Lives Matter' but Reject the Organization, Mohler Urges Christians Christians should affirm the phrase black lives matter but reject the organization that penned the slogan, seminary president Albert Mohler Jr. says in a new column.The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says the three words that have been embraced by Americans... Read more

Disability-selective abortion says some lives are worth more than others: this must stop

(Photo: Unsplash/Arleen Wiese)Many moons ago I was a children's nurse, deliberately choosing to work with children who had a variety of disabilities. I was inspired to do this aged 14, having started to volunteer as a one to one carer in a camp for children with disabilities.I worked alongside a girl the same age as... Read more

Jordan Peele’s Organization Is Donating a Million Dollars to Organizations Fighting for Justice for Black Lives | RELEVANT Magazine

On Wednesday, actor and filmmaker Jordan Peele announced that his Monkeypaw Productions film company will be donating a million dollars to several different organizations fighting for racial justice. As a writer, director and producer, Peele has been funneling his efforts towards expanding the American understanding of racism for a while now, through movies likeGet... Read more

Southern Baptist President J.D. Greear Says ‘Black Lives Matter’

Southern Baptist President J.D. Greear Says 'Black Lives Matter' (RNS) In a speech offered in lieu of his address at the denominations canceled annual meeting, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear called for members of the nations largest Protestant denomination to declare that black lives matter. We realize that, especially in a moment like... Read more

SBC President: ‘Southern Baptists, We Need to Say It Clearly as a Gospel Issue: Black Lives Matter’ | RELEVANT Magazine

In a lengthy address, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear addressed the largest group of Protestant churches in the U.S. and made some unusually strong statements regarding the SBC’s position on current events and how they relate to the central mission of the conference. Notably, Greear acknowledged the ugly origins of the church he... Read more

It Took Fans Just 25 Hours to Match BTS’ Million Dollar Donation to Black Lives Matter | RELEVANT Magazine

KPop superstars BTS are well-known for being a generally wholesome force with an immense global fandom like few in teen pop history. On Saturday, the group made a rare political statement in which they announced a million-dollar donation to Black Lives Matter, mobilizing their 26 million Twitter followers against racism and brutality. .., ,... Read more

The Washington D.C. Mayor Has Re-named the Street in Front of the White House ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Following the death of Trayvon Martin, three women named Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi began tweeting #blacklivesmatter. What started as a hashtag turned into an ethos, that ethos became a rallying cry, which became a global movement. And now, it’s the road to the White House, literally. On Friday, Washington D.C. Mayor... Read more

The Problem with Saying All Lives Matter | RELEVANT Magazine

Imagine that you wake up late one night to the sound of your home being burglarized. Through the crack in your bedroom door, you see several figures hauling out your television, computers and nice china to their getaway car parked outside. Thinking quickly, you dial 911 on your iPhone. 911, whats your emergency? Help!... Read more

John Boyega’s Speech at a Black Lives Matter Rally in Hyde Park Is Just Incredibly Powerful | RELEVANT Magazine

As Black Lives Matter protests spread beyond the U.S. and all over the world, black people across the globe are taking to the streets in support of justice for George Floyd and reforms to the criminal justice system on an international level. In London, thousands gathered in Hyde Park for a rally where they... Read more

How the Church Can Keep Fighting for Black Lives Once the Headlines Move On | RELEVANT Magazine

With the emotions of sadness, anger and hopelessness that is affecting our nation right now; there is also restlessness, a feeling of not doing enough. A lot of people feel powerless as to how to fight for justice for George Floyd and the egregiously long list of black victims of violence to white authorities.... Read more

Black Lives Depend on the Church Learning What It Really Means to Love Them | RELEVANT Magazine

I am a Christian African-American man trying to live out Gods will and ways in my life. My deepest desire and it is the thing in which I hope most is to see Gods people reflect the love of God in daily life. A love that manifests and points to the sacrificial, reconciling, and... Read more

The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives

Something happened to Anders. The sound of my wife’s voice on the phone told me something was wrong. Just three hours before that I was helping my wife, Rachel, get our 11-month-old twins, Anders and Linnea, ready for daycare. Now I was grabbing my coat and frantically running to my car. I needed to get... Read more

Belief in Heaven Is a ‘Malignant Delusion’ that ‘Devalues Actual Lives,’ Harvard Professor Says

Belief in Heaven Is a 'Malignant Delusion' that 'Devalues Actual Lives,' Harvard Professor Says A Harvard University professor sparked an online debate Thursday after suggesting belief in heaven has harmed the coronavirus response by devaluing human life.Steven Pinker, a professor of psychology at the school, made the comments on Twitter while referencing a... Read more

Watch Johnnyswim, Tori Kelly and David Crowder's Socially Distanced Take on 'Because He Lives' | RELEVANT Magazine

Watch Johnnyswim, Tori Kelly and David Crowder’s Socially Distanced Tackle ‘As a result of He Lives’ | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Earlier this week, Ardour Music dropped a belated Easter current on-line. Longtime Ardour worship chief David Crowder just about teamed up with pop stars Johnnyswim and Tori Kelly for a tackle Invoice and Gloria Gaither’s basic “Because He Lives.” (Johnnyswim was joined by particular visitor Paloma, the couple’s third youngster who was... Read more

One Bible to reach nine lives - Mission Network News

One Bible to succeed in 9 lives – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Pakistan (MNN) One Bible can attain many, and thru the Twice as Far marketing campaign, donations in February shall be matched. One Bible for 9 folks is the everyday estimation made by Forgotten Missionaries Worldwide (FMI). Whereas Christians within the West could personal a number of Bibles, Bruce Allen of FMI says in lots... Read more

Storytelling Can Change Lives. Heres How | RELEVANT Magazine

Storytelling Can Change Lives. Heres How | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Gentle all the time brightens in darkish instances. With social media, smartphones and a espresso store on each nook, we will in a short time dispense hope and pleasure to folks smothered in negativism and pessimism. The secret's what we are saying. Some persons are in an excessive amount of ache to search out... Read more