Christian leaders plead with Welsh Assembly to keep churches open during ‘firebreak’ lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Gregory Hayes)Christian leaders have sent a pre-action letter to the Welsh Assembly calling for churches to be kept open during the 'firebreak' lockdown.  Churches in Wales are being forced to shutter over three Sundays during the lockdown, which started on Friday evening.  They will only be allowed to open for funeral or wedding ceremonies.... Read more

Second lockdown will create ‘fear and isolation’, says church leader

(Photo: Unsplash/Pedro Ramos)Evangelical theologian Dr Ian Paul has warned that a second lockdown could create more problems than it solves. The popular Christian blogger and Grove Books editor is one of the signatories to an open letter pleading with the respective governments of the UK not to close down churches for a second time.  He told... Read more

One in five cohabiting mums say relationship with partner worsened during lockdown

PixabayOne in five cohabiting mums (22%) said their relationship with their partner got worse during the coronavirus lockdown, according to a major new study.  Overall, one in five couples said their relationship had improved during lockdown as they were forced to spend more time together, but the study of 2,559 parents revealed significant variations, with... Read more

Bible distribution picks up as lockdown restrictions lift in China – Mission Network News

China (MNN) Lockdowns and restrictions around the world have put a pause on everyday life, and ministries have not been exempt from its affects. Bibles for China has seen some those restrictions lifted and resumed Bible distribution. Some churches are starting to open up, function a little more towards normal, Kurt Rovenstine says. “So from... Read more

1 in 4 Brits have regularly engaged in online worship during lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Carolina Jacomin)A significant proportion of the population has engaged with faith digitally during Covid-19, a study by researchers at Durham University has found. The study by the Centre for Digital Theology at Durham University, in conjuction with Savanta ComRes, found that one in four Brits had engaged regularly in online organised worship during lockdown.  The... Read more

Wellbeing levels fell during the pandemic but improved under lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Imani Clovis) Indeed, most assessments have found that they do. But these studies usually can't distinguish between the effects of the pandemic and of lockdowns specifically. This is because they often only compare people's mental states from before the pandemic and after lockdowns were introduced. A decline in wellbeing might be a response to the overall... Read more

Court of Appeal reviews Government decision to allow DIY abortions during lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash)The Court of Appeal is today hearing a legal challenge against the Government's decision to allow DIY abortions at home during the lockdown.  The Government relaxed the rules so that women could terminate their pregnancies up to 10 weeks.  Following only a phone or video consultation with a doctor, pills are sent out in... Read more

Pilgrimage after lockdown

PixabayThe shops and cafes are open, the kids can go back to school in September, so is now a good time to go on pilgrimage? Well, yes and no. It's great weather for walking and being outdoors is a natural social distancer but many churches have only restricted opening times in place at present. This... Read more

Lockdown and political upheaval drag Lebanon into devastating poverty – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — In October of 2019, Lebanon plunged into months of revolution and non-stop protests. For 100 days, the country existed in a state of upheaval as locals protested corrupt officials. Then, just as the political chaos seemed to be dying down, COVID-19 reached Lebanon, and locals moved into 100 days of lockdown. 100... Read more

Loneliness and isolation are top priorities for churches after lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Jacek Dylag)Churches emerging from lockdown are making it a priority to tackle loneliness and isolation, new research has found.  The survey by the Allchurches Trust found that these were the main areas of focus for two-thirds of UK churches.  Over half of the 638 church leaders surveyed from across the UK predict that loneliness... Read more

Far from being closed, churches have been on the front line during lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Joel Muniz)Churches have been busy during the lockdown providing vital help to their communities, a study by Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has shown. In the survey of 175 churches that run debt centres with the charity, 96% said they had been giving practical support to their communities during lockdown.  Nearly nine in ten (87%)... Read more

Dozens of Christian leaders sue Government over closure of churches during lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Kyler Nixon)Some 25 church leaders are suing the Government over the forced closure of churches during lockdown.  The Government announced last week that churches could re-open for services on 4 July, having already been allowed to open for private prayer for several weeks.   However, a coalition of church leaders says the announcement does not... Read more

Church magazines are weathering the lockdown

While churches across the UK are embracing digital technology by live-streaming services and meeting up via a range of online platforms, the 'humble' church magazine is also being transformed.The results of a new poll just released by ParishPump.co.uk, a resource website that supplies graphics and editorial material to around 2,000 church publications, shows how magazines... Read more

Tackling the loneliness epidemic in lockdown

(Photo: Linking Lives UK)Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, loneliness and social isolation were already being described as an epidemic, and the UK had been identified as the 'loneliness capital of Europe'. Some 500,000 older people spent Christmas Day alone in 2019, and a similar number spent five to six days per week without seeing anyone.... Read more

We need a better society after lockdown, where older people feel safe

Residents at Pilgrims' Friend Society Dorothea Court, a Christian independent living housing scheme in Bedford.(Photo: Pilgrims' Friend Society)We need a better society after lockdown, where older people feel safe.  Many people want a 'new normal 'after lock-down but one where older people won't be airbrushed out of the health system; where they're not considered 'disposable'; where... Read more

The journey back to normal after lockdown

(Photo: Unsplash/Erik Mclean)On 25 March 2020, New Zealand moved into Alert Level 4 full lockdown. My generation had not known anything like it, being confined to our homes barring a walk around our own neighbourhood, which fortunately meant the golden sands of the East Coast Bays beaches here on the North Shore of Auckland. On... Read more

Whats My Purpose? Reflections in Lockdown – TGC Africa

As the cases of COVID-19 in South Africa increase daily, I cannot help but think back on a workshop I facilitated with students. This workshop took place the day before President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the initial shutdown in March. The topic under discussion was a Christians purpose in work and study. However, a Christian’s purpose... Read more

Lockdown strategy has placed the poorest of the poor, especially children, at risk of starvation

New Life Baptist Church in Richmond Wandera's home town of Namugongo, Uganda has been distributing food during the pandemic.(Photo: Compassion UK/Richmond Wandera)As we observe World Hunger Day today and the world slowly starts to relax some lockdown measures, my thoughts turn to the devastating impact the pandemic has had on those already living in poverty,... Read more

Surviving Lockdown: What to do When Theres no Work? – TGC Africa

“I think acceptance is important at this moment. And also just remembering that as much as there is no assurance that it’s going to end, there is also no assurance that it is going to remain this way.” Welcoming Back Sanelisiwe Jobodwana Blaque : Welcome back to The Gospel Coalition Africa Podcast. If you are... Read more

Bishops join in criticism of Cummings amid calls to step down over lockdown travel

Top aide Dominic Cummings(Photo: Reuters)Church of England bishops have added their voices to a string of criticism against Dominic Cummings after he allegedly breached self-isolation rules to travel to the north-east of England. The Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to fire the senior aide over claims that he travelled 260 miles to Durham to see... Read more

How Should Christians Think about Lockdown? Addressing 5 Concerns

As parts of Africa go on lockdown, and perhaps increasingly so over the coming weeks, I want to address 5 common concerns expressed by Christians on our continent. Many, but not all, of the Christian concerns have great merit and deserve to be addressed as part of us wrestling with our response as followers of... Read more

Mississippi Church Pushing Back against Lockdown Orders Is Burned to the Ground in Suspected Arson Attack

Mississippi Church Pushing Back against Lockdown Orders Is Burned to the Ground in Suspected Arson Attack On Wednesday morning, a Mississippi church was burned to the ground.First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs, Mississippi was engulfed in flames on Wednesday in what is believed to be an act of arson, Fox 13 reports.Investigators noted... Read more

Believers in oral cultures finding ways to be Jesuss hands during lockdown

USA (MNN) — The coronavirus has put a damper on the ministry models of ministries that rely on face-to-face interaction. Even Zoom and Skype arent helpful in communities with limited technology. Spoken Worldwide works with oral learners around the world to communicate Gospel stories and truths. But in an oral culture, trying to share Jesus... Read more

Bob Goff: Love Nonetheless Does, Even on Lockdown | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Bob Goff doesn’t essentially seem to be somebody who’d thrive in quarantine. The notoriously outgoing creator, speaker and founding father of Love Does all the time appears to be out, on the go, flying around the globe unstoppably and improbably providing his model of whimsical, actionable like to individuals who want it.... Read more

Lebanon enters second lockdown; desperation grows – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Lebanon (MNN) — One other nationwide shutdown begins tonight in Lebanon to stem a second wave of coronavirus infections. Lockdown measures will reportedly be in place from tonight to Monday morning. See our full Lebanon protection right here. Based on The Nationwide, the choice got here after well being officers introduced 11 new circumstances... Read more

Is it too early to finish Wuhan’s lockdown? – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] China (MNN) — In early April, the origin of most COVID-19 circumstances ended its lockdown. Wuhans reopening marks the start of a transfer again to normalcy for many of China, however some consultants counsel celebration can be untimely. The northeastern Chinese language metropolis of Harbin, for instance, is now seeing its personal outbreak. Kurt... Read more

COVID-19 lockdown extends in Philippines – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Philippines (CAM) — COVID-19 instances surged within the Philippines, prompting President Rodrigo Duterte to increase Manilas lockdown to Might 15th. In opposition to that backdrop, native missionaries within the Philippines are dealing with steep challenges to assist folks troubled by the brand new coronavirus even because the pandemic threatens their very own lives and... Read more