World Mission Sows Gospel Seeds in Ethiopia Despite Locust Devastation – Mission Network News

Ethiopia (MNN) Drought, flooding and locusts have plagued Ethiopia for months. Now in the second half of June, experts say the locusts will begin their migration again, potentially leaving Ethiopians and others in the region devastated by continued food shortages. Locusts have caused and continue to threaten widespread disaster for crops. They often move together... Read more

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Coronavirus complicates Ethiopias locust restoration efforts – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Ethiopia (MNN) — First, locusts; now, illness. Issues of biblical proportions are plaguing East Africa. The worst desert locust infestation in a long time started spreading all through the Horn of Africa final fall, affecting eight international locations.As we speak, new swarms are beginning to kind in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, elevating the disaster... Read more