Justin Bieber Gets Real About the Trials of Celebrity on His New Single, ‘Lonely’ | RELEVANT

Producer Benny Blanco joined Justin Bieber on ‘SNL’ for a new single called ‘Lonely,’ which gets bracingly real about the dark downsides of being a global superstar. We break it all down (and check out a clip) on RELEVANT News. Article/Post Source

Check Out Justin Bieber’s Glum New Ode to the Trials of Fame: ‘Lonely’ | RELEVANT

Is it hard to be famous? Well, nobody reading this can answer from experience. It’s definitely hard to be not famous in the sense that we’ve got bills, jobs and the burden of knowing the masses don’t care about our opinions. But fame sure looks like it’s got its own trials, and now Justin Bieber... Read more

Are You Lonely? Tired? Caught in a Mess? – Tim Challies

I have mentioned before that one key element of worship at Grace Fellowship Church (and in traditional Protestant services) is the Call to Worship. Often our calls to worship involve simply reading a passage of the Bible, but other times we combine several texts in a kind of question and answer format. In this case... Read more

Young Christians are lonely despite being more connected than ever

(Photo: Unsplash/Headway)Tech is a way of life for many Millennials and Gen Z-ers but it's not filling the emotional gap and most pastors are not being proactive in teaching them how to use it wisely, research by Barna suggests. Studies by the group show that a majority of pastors (85%) feel "very" or "somewhat" worried... Read more

Seeing and Believing 258 | Dave Franco’s The Rental and Nicholas Ray’s In a Lonely Place

This week, Seeing & Believing kicks off a new series on film noir! Our “Summer of Darkness” begins in a slightly unconventional place with the Humphrey Bogart-starring In a Lonely Place, about a hotheaded screenwriter whose romance with a neighbor hits a rough patch when the police accuse him of murder. The thing is, maybe... Read more

Our challenge as the Church to seek out the lonely and isolated

(Photo: Unsplash/Kenny Luo)When I was a boy, my family home was always extended to include the latest person desperately in need of companionship, support, family or maybe just a hot meal. From the elderly gentleman living opposite who, aside from us, had few friends, to a returning missionary family or the young person feeling like... Read more

No One Understands! Lessons for Lonely Sufferers

When I was a high-school freshman, my school in Central Asia was attacked by terrorists. No children were killed, though five adults (including two believers) were. My family eventually moved to London and I returned to a boarding school I’d attended the previous year.I leaned hard on my friends for support. Being 13-year-old kids, though,... Read more

Persecuted pastors, lonely and discouraged, find new hope to carry on

A Myanmar pastor praises God.(Photo: Open Doors UK and Ireland)Pastor Joshua from Myanmar was sitting alone in a prison cell, feeling forgotten and hopeless. His persecutors had won. Then a pair of strangers paid him a visit in prison, and everything made sense...It is Sunday morning at Pastor Joshua's church in Myanmar. The worship of... Read more

10 Beautiful Truths God Has for the Lonely Woman

The great irony of loneliness is that so many of us feel alone! And although some of us require solitude to recharge, it’s important that we not linger in isolation. I wonder, how many lonely women among us have unintentionally isolated themselves from the community God has put around them? As you read that, did... Read more

David Bentley Harts Lonely, Final Stand for Christian Universalism

[ad_1] For these not already acquainted with him, David Bentley Hart of the College of Notre Dame is extensively thought to be one of many two most influential tutorial theologians within the English-speaking world at the moment (together with John Milbank of Nottingham College). Harts output is prodigious, and his vary of mental interestsin the... Read more