The Avett Brothers Have Announced a New Album and Released the First Single: 'Victory' | RELEVANT Magazine

The Avett Brothers Have Announced a New Album and Released the First Single: ‘Victory’ | RELEVANT Magazine

The Avett Brothers are already back. Hot on the heels of 2019’sCloser Than Together, the first sons of North Carolina will be releasingThe Third Gleamthis August. They’ve even got a new song to prove it. The tender, haunted“Victory” finds Scott and Seth Avett presumably in quarantine together, stitching the sparse song together live. It’s... Read more

Lecrae's Five Tips for Staying Holistically Healthy in Pandemic Season | RELEVANT Magazine

Lecrae’s Five Tips for Staying Holistically Healthy in Pandemic Season | RELEVANT Magazine

Lecrae’s had an interesting quarantine, between releasing several new singles, retooling his highly anticipated next albumRestorationand being a vocal presence in the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept the nation. With that kind of output, a lot of people would forget to focus on themselves and that’d be unfortunate. “You can’t give what... Read more

Kanye Says God Told Him to Run for President – Here’s How That’s Shaping His White House Bid | RELEVANT Magazine

Kanye West is finally, probably following through on his long-teased desire to run for the President of the United States, as he announced on July 4. Obviously, it takes a little more than a tweet toactuallyrun for President but, well, we’re in sort of an interesting situation in the U.S. right now and West’s... Read more

You Can Be Honest With God About Your Disappointment | RELEVANT Magazine

Disappointment is a harsh word. It speaks of failure, of not measuring up, of frustration. The word sits right down on your soul and utterly deflates it. It can arrive in something as trivial as a hyped-up movie that failed to deliver or feel as severe as a blow to the heart that sends... Read more

‘Glee’ Star Naya Rivera Is Missing and Presumed Drowned After a Boating Trip With Her Son | RELEVANT Magazine

Very sad news out of Southern California today, where the Ventura County Sheriffs Office is saying Gleestar Naya Rivera likely drowned while boating with her four-year-old son on Lake Piru. The boy was found alone asleep on their rented boat on Wednesday afternoon, but there is no sign of Rivera. Theres no evidence of... Read more

Why the Church Needs to Stop Preaching “All Lives Matter” | RELEVANT Magazine

Throughout my time following Christ, different aspects of my reality have been shattered. Becoming a follower of Jesus as a teenager meant that I simply did not know much about life and perspectives other than my own. Thats an unfortunate fact of my life. However, the solution to broadening my worldview was equally as... Read more

Living in the Past is Killing Your Future | RELEVANT Magazine

One of our biggest spiritual problems is this: we want God to do something new while we keep doing the same old thing. We want God to change our circumstances without us having to change at all. Were asking God for new wine, but weve still got an old wineskin. We get stuck, and... Read more

5 Ways to Actually Create a Healing Space for Mental Health in the Church | RELEVANT Magazine

In 1990, The Clergy as a Resource for Those Encountering Psychological Distress found that a person under psychological distress will turn to their clergy before talking to a mental health professional.   And with 1 in 5 adults in the US experiencing mental illness each year, you better believe this exists... Read more

John Lewis’ Fight for Justice Isn’t Over | RELEVANT Magazine

Rep. John Lewis has lived at the forefront of Americas fight for racial justice for the past half-century. He was the leader of more than 600 peaceful protests in Alabama and has been arrested more than 40 times. From being the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington, to serving more than 30... Read more

John Mulaney Will Reunite With the ‘Sack Lunch Bunch’ for Two New Comedy Specials | RELEVANT Magazine

John Mulaney’sSack Lunch Bunchwas a Netflix comedy gift a children’s special that both satirized the genre while also serving as a pretty good example of it, with lots of charming tunes to keep kids happy and lots of jokes and celebrity cameos that worked on multiple levels for every age demographic. Mulaney’s as a... Read more

Pharrell Has a New Gospel Music Docuseries in the Works for Netflix | RELEVANT Magazine

Pharrell Williams is teaming up with Netflix forVoices of Fire a docuseries that will follow the multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter/producer/actor/artist and his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams on a quest to find musical talent in the gospel choirs of Hampton Roads, Virginia Williams’ hometown. Happy Sunday! Excited to announce Voices of Fire, a new docuseries that follows... Read more

A Reminder From Tom Hanks: ‘Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Wash Your Hands’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Greyhoundlands on Apple Plus Friday, starring Tom Hanks in a script he himself adapted from C.S. Forrester’s novelThe Good Shepherd. As part of promoting the movie, Hanks went on theTODAY Showto share some cheap advice from America’s favorite uncle: The idea of doing ones part should be so simple: wear a mask, social distance,... Read more

For King and Country On Creativity in a Pandemic and Learning to Weep With Those Who Weep | RELEVANT Magazine

Joel and Luke Smallbone had to cancel a tour this year. Most touring acts did, of course, given the state of the world. But not every act has taken to quarantine with the creativity and energy that the brother duo better known as For King and Country did. They promptly set about recruiting some... Read more

ICE Says International Students at Schools Offering Online-Only Classes Must Leave the U.S. | RELEVANT Magazine

On Monday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced that international students taking courses at entirely online schools this fall will not be allowed to enter the country and, if they are already here, must leave. The agency suggested that international students who want to stay in the U.S. should transfer to a school offering... Read more

Why the Early Church Wasn’t Interested in Political Power | RELEVANT Magazine

A student recently asked me, What can we do topreventAmerican society from becoming totally post-Christian? In the few moments before I answered, I thought about thedifferent religious commitmentsof Gen Z and the entrenched secularism that will make it difficult in the decades ahead for Christians to sit in the halls ofpower. Very little, I... Read more

Johnnyswim On Spending Their Quarantine With ‘Strangers’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Everyone’s had a quarantine project. Maybe you wanted to finish reading the Great American Novel. Maybe you wanted to finish writing it. Maybe you wanted to learn a new language, pick up juggling or just connect with a few old friends. Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano, the husband-wife duo better known as Johnnyswim, had... Read more

Lawyers: The Breonna Taylor Arrest Warrant Was Tied to a City Gentrification Plan | RELEVANT Magazine

Breonna Taylor’s shooting was tied to a broader Louisville Police Department operation to gentrify the western part of the city, according to lawyers representing her family. The lawyers say the slain 26-year-old’s apartment had been targeted by narcotics detectives who’d been “deliberately misled” by a police squad. From the Louisville Courier-Journal: The complaint which... Read more

Iconic Film Composer Ennio Morricone Has Passed Away | RELEVANT Magazine

Ennio Morricone has passed away, according to the New York Times. The legendary Italian composer whose spaghetti western film scores helped define a whole genre passed away in Rome at the age of 91. Morricone became famous for his stupendous scores for Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwoods 1960s western classics likeA Fistful of Dollars(1964),For... Read more

Colin Kaepernick Is Partnering With Disney for Several New Series About Race, Justice and Equality | RELEVANT Magazine

Colin Kaepernick’s production company Ra Vision Media has entered into a historic partnership with Disney+ to produce several new series. ESPN reports that the new shows will aim to uplift filmmakers of color, and center on stories about race, social injustice and the ongoing battle for equality. “I am excited to announce this historic... Read more

White Privilege Is Seeing ‘White’ as the Default | RELEVANT Magazine

Two days ago, I sat at the dinner table, watching World of Dance on my phone when a call came in. It was a friend, one of those people you meet at work and you instantly connect. My friend and I had bonded over her incredibly cute kids and our mutual love for Jesus.... Read more

David Oyelowo: ‘I’m Seeing More Christ on the Streets Than I’m Seeing in the Church’ | RELEVANT Magazine

In 2014, David Oyelowo shocked the nation with his revelatorySelmaperformance, bringing the life, words and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the screen with unbridled power and poignancy. Since then, the UK-born actor has become an American citizen and has continued to turn in a series of startling roles. You’ll hear him... Read more

White Christians, Being ‘Woke’ Isn’t the Point | RELEVANT Magazine

White Christians need to confront the motivations that fuel the desire to be “woke.” I dont think that most of us who are white see how big of a problem this assumption of being woke is, which is why we dont spend the necessary time engaging in introspection and self-reflection. Why do we want... Read more

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes on Injustice, ‘The Blessing’ and Their New Album | RELEVANT Magazine

Like most of the world, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes had most of their 2020 plans put on hiatus by the global pandemic. The famed worship duo have been putting their lockdown time to good use, working on a few renditions of their hugely popular “The Blessing” and planning a live worship album for... Read more

Republican Senators Debate Replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday | RELEVANT Magazine

On June 19, a bipartisan coalition of 40 senators led by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced a bill to make Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, a federal holiday. That effort is now being held up by a Senate budget squabble. Sen.... Read more

More Than 400 Advertisers Leave Facebook Over Hate Speech | RELEVANT Magazine

Over the last two weeks, the Stop Hate for Profit campaign has pressured advertisers to cancel their contracts with Facebook over concerns that hate speech is posted unchecked on the platform. Now, more than 400 companies from Coca-Cola to Target, Ford and Adidas have pulled their advertising from the platform. And Facebook, which generates... Read more

Walmart is Turning Its Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters | RELEVANT Magazine

Sick of not being able to go to the movies? Well, Walmart and the Tribeca Film Festival are teaming up to turn the retail giants parking lots in 160 locations across the country into drive-in movie theaters this August through October. The movies will be programmed by the Tribeca team and some showings will... Read more

What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said? | RELEVANT Magazine

Skye Jethani’s inspiration for his latest book What If Jesus Was Serious? A Visual Guide to the Teachings of Jesus We Love to Ignore was two-fold. First of all, he realized how few Christians took Jesus’ toughest teachings seriously. Second, he realized he had a knack for doodling. The result is an illustrated guide... Read more

Check Out the Latest From Kanye West, Featuring Travis Scott: ‘Wash Us in the Blood’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Kanye West is back with his first new music sinceJesus Is King.The song is called “Wash Us in the Blood,” featuring a guest verse of Travis Scott, and it continues West’s fascination with Christian themes. You can listen below or wherever you get your tunes here. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLxL5Q-WmkU[/embed] There’s also a music video, which features... Read more

Carlos Whittaker: If You’re Serious About Justice, You’re Going to Have to Get Uncomfortable | RELEVANT Magazine

Carlos Whittaker has spent the last few years trying to get Christians to join him in the deep end of the pool. By his read, far too many Christians are playing it too safe living for maximum comfort and striving to keep their lives as safe, orderly and unremarkable as possible. He’s always demanded... Read more

Sufjan Stevens Has Announced His Long Awaited ‘Carrie and Lowell’ Followup: ‘The Ascension’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Sufjan Stevens is back with his first proper studio album since 2015’s astonishingCarrie and Lowell and, well, thank goodness.The Ascensionwill release this September and we’re getting our first single this Friday, July 3, with a new song appropriately titled “America.” Asthmatic Kitty released a statement along with the album announcement, saying We harbor no... Read more