The Wise Builder | Devotional by Max Lucado

Obedience leads to blessing. Disobedience leads to trouble! Remember Jesus parable about the two builders who each built a house? One built on cheap, easy-to-access-sand. The other built on costly, difficult-to-reach rock. The second construction project demanded more time and expense, but when the spring rains turned the creek into a gulley washerguess which builder... Read more

Patience Freely Offered | by Max Lucado

The Spirit produces..patience. Galatians 5:22 If you find patience hard to give, you might ask the question. How infiltrated are you with Gods patience? Youve heard about it. Read about it. Perhaps underlined Bible passages regarding it. But have you received it? The proof is in your patience. Patience deeply received results in patience freely... Read more

Risk Believing in God | by Max Lucado

When forced to stand at the crossroads of belief and unbelief,Gods people choose belief!Gods people risk believing! Nowhere is this better exemplified than in Joshuas story.You could argue that the central message of the book of Joshua is this headline: God keeps his promises. Trust him. Three times Joshua declares God did what he said... Read more

Dont Forget a Single Blessing | by Max Lucado

Some years back as I was driving my daughter Andrea to middle school, she noticed I was anxious. Why are you so quiet, Dad? I told her I was worried about a book deadline.She asked me, Havent you written other books? Yes, I replied.How many? At that point the answer was fifteen. She responded, have... Read more

Your Refuge | Devotional by Max Lucado

Refuge is a favorite word of Davids. Youll count as many as forty-plus appearances in some Bible versions. But never did David use the word more poignantly than in Psalm 57. The introduction to the passage explains its background:A song of David when he fled from Saul into the cave. Lost in shadows and thought,... Read more

Look to Jesus | Thoughts about God by Max Lucado

Some of us have written our own Bible verse from Popular Opinion chapter 1, verse 1: God helps those who help themselves.Well fix ourselves, thank you.Well make up for our mistakes with contributions, our guilt with busyness. Well overcome failures with hard work.Well find salvation the old-fashioned way: well earn it! Christ, in contrast, says... Read more

Grace Received, Grace Given | Devotional by Max Lucado

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, Your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, Your Father will not forgive your sins ” Matthew 6: 14-15 Some time ago I was speaking about anger at a mens gathering. I described resentment as a prison... Read more

Be Quick to Pray | Thoughts about God by Max Lucado

How do you handle your tough times? When youre tired of trying, tired of forgiving, tired of hard weeks or hard-headed people how do you manage your dark days? With a bottle of pills? Alcohol? A day at the spa? Many opt for such treatments. So many, in fact, we assume they re energize the... Read more

Cast Yourself Upon the Grace of Christ | by Max Lucado

Guilt sucks the life out of our souls. Grace restores it. No one had more reason to feel the burden of guilt than did the apostle Paul. He had orchestrated the deaths of Christianshe was an ancient version of a terrorist. Paul gave his guilt to Jesus. Period. He surrendered it to Jesus. As a... Read more

God Can Heal Ancient Hurt | by Max Lucado

God moves us forward by healing our past! Can he really? Can God heal this ancient hurt in my heart? Of course He can. In fact, God cares about justice more than we do. Were reminded in Romans 12:17-19, Never pay back evil for evilnever avenge yourselves. Leave that to God, for He has said... Read more

Max Lucado: If You’re Feeling Stuck, It’s Time to Make a Change | RELEVANT Magazine

On a trip to the United Kingdom, our family visited a castle. In the center of the castle garden sat a maze. Row after row of shoulder high hedges, leading to one dead end after another. Successfully navigate the labyrinth and youll discover the door to a tall tower in the center of the... Read more

A Good, Healthy Struggle | Devotional by Max Lucado

God is using your struggles to toughen you up! Its like viewing a movie after youve read the book. When something bad happens, everyone else gasps at the crisis on the screen. Not you. Why? Youve read the book. You know how the good guy gets out of the tight spot. God views your life... Read more

Find God in Your Crisis | by Max Lucado

Calamities can leave us off balance and confused. Consider the crisis of Josephs generation as recorded in Genesis Chapter 47. Now there was no bread in all the land; for the famine was very severe, so that the land of Canaan languished because of the famine. Joseph faced a calamity on a global scale. Joseph... Read more

Seeing and Believing 256| Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow and Max Barbakow’s Palm Springs

Kelly Reichardt’s latest film has finally made its way to a home release, and the guys are ready for it! First Cow, a period piece about two friends trying to eke out a living in the hardscrabble Oregon Territory by milking a rich man’s cow on the sly, has a lot to say about our... Read more

Keep Forgiving | by Max Lucado

Colossians 3:13 says, As Christ forgave you, so you also must do. Really, God? Begin the process of healing. How? Keep no list of wrongs. Pray for your antagonists rather than plot against them. Hate the wrong without hating wrongdoers. Turn your attention away from what they did to you to what Christ did for... Read more

Peace in the Face of Uncertainly | Devotional by Max Lucado

Everything is being cancelled. The NBA games. The NHL games … Madness!!. Broadway plays. Flights. Cruises. Cancellations, everywhere! But can I tell you the one thing that has not and WILL not be cancelled? God will never cancel his promise to take care of us. Do not interpret the presence of problems as the absence... Read more

Let Your Gentleness Be Evident to All | by Max Lucado

How many disasters have been averted because one person refused to buckle under the strain? Its this kind of composure Paul is summoning when he says,Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:5-6). The Greek word translated here as gentleness describes a temperament thats... Read more

Let God Change the Way You Think | by Max Lucado

Were your growing up years hard years? Family pain is the deepest pain because it was inflicted so early; it involves people who should have been trustworthy. You were too young to process the mistreatment. You didnt know how to defend yourself. Besides, the perpetrators of your pain were so large. Your dad, mom, uncle,... Read more

Hope Restored Along the Way | by Max Lucado

What would it take to restore your hope? What would you need to re-energize your journey? Though the answers are abundant, three come quickly to mind. The first would be a person. Not just any person. You dont need someone equally confused. You need someone who knows the way out. And from him you need... Read more

Peace in the Face of Uncertainty | Devotional by Max Lucado

Everything is being cancelled. The NBA games. The NHL games. March Madness. Broadway plays. Flights. Cruises. Cancellations, everywhere! But can I tell you the one thing that has not and WILL not be cancelled? God will never cancel his promise to take care of us. Do not interpret the presence of problems as the absence... Read more

HBO Max Has Temporarily Pulled ‘Gone With the Wind’ From Its Service | RELEVANT Magazine

Few American movies are more classic thanGone With the Wind, but its legendary status has almost always come with a caveat: the movie also whitewashes slavery and has been part of reinforcing of the country’s favorite and most damaging myths about its own history. Now fledgling streaming service HBO Max has pulled the classic... Read more

When the Storm Doesn’t Stop | Devotional by Max Lucado

Jeremiah was depressed, as gloomy as a giraffe with a neck ache. Jerusalem was under siege, his nation under duress. His world collapsed like a sand castle in a typhoon. He faulted God for his horrible emotional distress. He also blamed God for his physical ailments. “[God] has made my flesh and my skin waste... Read more

God is Waiting On You | Devotional by Max Lucado

Whatever it is thats troubling you,youll get through this. Cancel your escape to the Himalayas. Forget the deserted island. This is no time to be a hermit. Pray. Lean on Gods people.Be a barnacle on the boat of Gods church. Matthew 18:20 says, For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I... Read more

I Messed Up | Devotional by Max Lucado

Weve all messed up. Said the wrong words, loved the wrong person, reacted the wrong waywalked when we should have waited, indulged when we should have resisted. Youll mess up more if you let yesterdays mistakes sabotage todays attitude! The Bible says, Gods mercies are new every morning. Receive them. Learn a lesson from them.... Read more

Running the Race | Devotional by Max Lucado

You know as well as I do, its one thing to start something. Its something else entirely to complete it. Relax! Dont start what you cant finish is not my point! To be honest, I dont believe you should finish everything you start. Every student with homework just perked up. There are certain quests better... Read more

Where is God When I Hurt? | Devotional by Max Lucado

The Bible says in Romans 8:28 that in everything God works for the good of those who love Him. Do this simple exercise. Remove the word ‘everything’ and replace it with the symbol of your tragedy. How would Romans 8:28 read in your life? In hospital stays God works for the good.In divorce papers God... Read more

Jodie Comer Is Reportedly Being Considered for the Lead Role in a ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel | RELEVANT Magazine

Five years ago, Mad Max: Fury Roadcannonballed into theaters like a flaming guitar solo and set a whole new bar for what an action movie could be. The sequel to Mel Gibson’s diesel-fueled, post-apocalyptic franchise was a wake up call to Hollywood and absolutely broke the mold so hard that nobody else has really... Read more