Renewed airline route means greater missions access for northern Haiti

Haiti (MNN) — Good news for Haitians and ministries: Spirit Airlines has resumed their flight service to Cap-Haitien. That makes Spirit Airlines the only company running non-stop flights between northern Haiti and the United States. Eva DeHart at For Haiti with Love says American Airlines used to conduct flights through Cap-Haitien, but things got tough... Read more

Economic pressure means more Kenyan girls are facing early marriages – Mission Network News

Kenya (MNN) — Kenyan school closures and food shortages from the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in many young girls facing early marriages. Importance of Education Kenyan women have a very defined role in society, especially those who live in rural areas. Joy Mueller of Kenya Hope says this role carries a great deal of responsibility.... Read more

What Taking the Lords Name in Vain Means

Life continues amid a pandemic, but it seems weve lost the stability we once enjoyed, both as individuals and also as a church. The hour is desperate. How should we respond? One option is to complain, feel pity for ourselves, and blame God. A more faithful option is found in an erudite and compelling new... Read more

Sometimes Trusting God Just Means Waiting For Him | RELEVANT Magazine

If youre like me, every time I post something to social media I get an instant shot of adrenaline as I watch the likes and comments roll through. They come in almost instantaneously, and Instagram has actually rewired its algorithm so that likes and comments come in one at a time, which gives us a... Read more

What ‘Do Not Worry About Tomorrow’ Really Means | RELEVANT Magazine

One of the defining marks of Christianity is hopewe know that no matter what happens, we always have hope in Christ, hope in the coming of His Kingdom, hope that in time He will make things right. But this doesnt quite get rid of our worryand sometimes, it seems we have a lot of... Read more

Sometimes Love Your Enemy Means Love Your Spouse – Tim Challies

One of the most difficult and most counter-cultural things Jesus calls us to do is to love our enemiesto do unto others as we could have them do to us (Luke 6:31). We are to treat others in the way we would wish to be treated, for the mark of true love is that it... Read more

N.T. Wright Says the Pandemic Gives Christians a Chance to Learn What It Means to Lament | RELEVANT Magazine

As a New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright’s contributions to the modern theological canon are almost unparalleled. From his work on helping Christans rethink the idea of Heaven to his meditations on the Psalms, Wright has had a major role in shaping this generation’s popular understanding of the Bible. And now, his new bookGod and... Read more

The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Half of Oklahoma Is Native Land Here’s What That Means | RELEVANT Magazine

On Thursday, the Supreme Court made a historic decision about the state of Oklahoma that could have enormous consequences not just for the Sooner state but for indigenous communities across the U.S. In essence, the Court ruled that about half of Oklahoma is within a Native American Reservation. The decision will have a lot... Read more

What Scripture Means by “the Just Shall Live by Faith”

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17, KJVThis is the crux of the Gospel: The just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17, KJV). This verse, when understood, can give us such peace and assurance in knowing our salvation doesnt... Read more

Black Lives Depend on the Church Learning What It Really Means to Love Them | RELEVANT Magazine

I am a Christian African-American man trying to live out Gods will and ways in my life. My deepest desire and it is the thing in which I hope most is to see Gods people reflect the love of God in daily life. A love that manifests and points to the sacrificial, reconciling, and... Read more

Dominic Cummings: why it matters and what it means for all of us

Dominic Cummings is facing calls to resign over his lockdown travel(Photo: Reuters)I've enjoyed the whole Dominic Cummings media circus over the last few days. There I've said it.I need to be honest, I don't appreciate his brand of populist politics and seeing him in the spotlight has been quite something to behold.Now I've got to... Read more

‘Whatever Means are Necessary’: Chicago Threatens to Close Church that Defied Order

'Whatever Means are Necessary': Chicago Threatens to Close Church that Defied Order Chicago officials are threatening to close or even bulldoze a church that has continued meeting in defiance of a state order, saying the governors action has the force of law.The state of Illinois has banned in-person church services larger than 10... Read more

What COVID-19 Means for the Future of Christian Higher Education

We are clearly in a defining historical moment that represents a paradigm shift in the world of Christian higher education. From this point forward, institutional histories will be written in terms of pre-coronavirus and post-coronavirus. The best way to face this ongoing challenge is with great flexibility and as much preparation as possible. Rethinking Space... Read more

On Going the Further Mile (And How It Doesn’t Imply What You Assume It Means)

[ad_1] If anybody forces you to go one mile, go together with them two miles. Matthew 5:41 These phrases of Jesus would have been profoundly disturbing to his first-century viewers. The “second mile” that Jesus was referring to was not only a good platitude that he made up on the spot. Quite, it could have... Read more

When Faithfulness Means Checking Your Sources

[ad_1] The place did you hear that? From whom can we get our information, and what's the authority of that supply? When ought to we enable our views to be influenced and adjusted by knowledgeable testimony, and when ought to we confidently insurgent in opposition to a incorrect interpretation? If we don't need to be... Read more

Paul Rudd Promoted a New Challenge on ‘Conan’ and You Know What That Means | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] What’s the longest working gag of all time? There’s most likely no official method to decide the reply to that query, however absolutely Paul Rudd’s 15-year (15! Years!) bit that he’s taken to each Conan O’Brien look is within the combine. As you most likely know, Rudd’s appearances on O’Brien’s exhibits inevitably... Read more

For me, life means Christ, and dying is achieve

[ad_1]     The waters have risen and extreme storms are upon us, however we don't concern drowning, for we stand firmly upon a rock. Let the ocean rage, it can not break the rock. Let the waves rise, they can not sink the boat of Jesus. What are we to concern? Dying? Life to... Read more