10 Psalms to Guide You in Prayer and Meditation

If I were to sit down and make a list of all the things that have gone wrong this year, it would be long. All the ways I felt let down, overwhelmed, anxious, and confused could go on and on.The best remedy for the 2020 blues is to adjust our attitude.While we can look at... Read more

Biblical Meditation: The Overlooked Christian Discipline – Bible Gateway Blog

At Bible Gateway, we don’t think biblical meditation is a lost art by any means. Nor does it have to be that far out of reach, though it sometimes seems to be. While I was in school I made a handful of attempts to systematically read through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. I always... Read more

The Trailer for ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Promises a Very Spooky Meditation on Mental Health | RELEVANT

Mike Flanagan is on a bit of a hot streak, updating classic scary books for modern audiences. His The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix was a sharp “remix” of Shirley Jackson’s famous novel of the same name, andDoctor Sleepmade for a deliciously spooky sequel to The Shining. Now he’s returned to Netflix forThe Haunting... Read more

The First Trailer for ‘Nomadland’ Promises a Somber Meditation on Modern America | RELEVANT

The first, brief trailer forNomadlanddoesn’t give us much to go on besides a lovely, plaintive score and Frances McDormand going for a morning stroll among a caravan of modern-day nomads out in the middle of nowhere American West. But the film doesn’t need to show much more than that, given its promising pedigree. First up,... Read more