With Us In Mind – Daughters of Promise – October 7

WITH US IN MINDBy: Christine WyrtzenAnd God said, Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth. And it was so. Genesis 1:11My God didnt create a fruit-bearing tree just to make something interesting. It wasnt a science experiment.... Read more

10 Hymns and Prayers to Refresh Your Mind and Soul

Nylse Esahc iBelieve Contributing Writer We are living in history-making times. It seems we are assailed with pandemics of multiple proportions no matter where we turn. We cannot hide, but instead, we are forced to acknowledge our present difficulties, then figure out ways to cope. For me, I often find myself looking to hills from... Read more

Real Men: Sex and a Mans Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength (Romans 1:18-32) | Real Faith

30 Sep Real Men: Sex and a Mans Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength (Romans 1:18-32) Posted at 16:05h in Blog by Mark Driscoll Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, Which commandment is the most... Read more

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind | RELEVANT

It sounded like a good idea to work at home, fantastic even. I could get the laundry done, clean the house at will, take a relaxing lavender bubble bath and sleep in if I wanted to. As my bubble bath swirled down the drain, I realized the need for discipline to maintain a cohesive working... Read more

What Does ‘Loving God With All of Your Mind’ Actually Look Like? | RELEVANT

“Never accept and be content with unanalyzed assumptions, assumptions about the work, about the people, about the church or Christianity. Never be afraid to ask questions about the work we have inherited or the work we are doing. There is no question that should not be asked or that is outlawed. The day we are... Read more

30 Bible Verses on Worry for a Weary Mind

Just when I think Ive finally started to trust God with my challenges, worry returns through the back door of my thoughts. All the what-ifs and worst-case scenarios come to mind in living color. (Sometimes at 2:00 am.) Turning to Scripture to read Bible verses on worry renews my mind again; it reminds me I... Read more

Kanye West Has Reportedly Ended His Presidential Bid [Update: Never Mind] | RELEVANT Magazine

Update:Or maybe not. Kanye’s beautiful, dark, twisted bid for the White House has more twists and turns than an episode of his wife’s TV show, as TMZ now reports that a Form 1 “Statement of Organization” has been filed with the Federal Election Commission. This means that Kanye West is officially an independent candidate... Read more

How the Evangelical Mind Was Born

Historian Mark Noll once famously worried about the scandal of the evangelical mind, contending that Christians had turned their backs on the academic world. Decades before Noll’s concern, a small group of leaders were laying the groundwork for developing the Christian mind in the church’s pews. The quest accelerated after World War II, thanks to... Read more

10 Prayers from Psalms to Set Your Mind on Jesus in the Morning

There is a gray chair that sits in the corner of our living room. On the floor next to it is a stack of books Im currently reading through as well as a Chronological Bible Im determined to finish this year. It has become a well known unwritten rule in our house that it is... Read more

Is Your Mind Ready for Christopher Nolan’s First Full ‘Tenet’ Trailer? | RELEVANT Magazine

Coming to theaters …maybe, possibly this summer(?) …is Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s return to huge budget, blockbuster filmmaking with a cerebral twist. In this case, the central conceit looks to be around some sort of time-reversal hijinks that will allow John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki to manipulate the time-flow of the world... Read more

The Woman Behind ‘Roe V Wade’ Says Pro-Life Groups Paid Her to Say She Changed Her Mind | RELEVANT Magazine

In 1995, Norma McCorvey the anonymous “Jane Roe” in the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe V Wade case publicly came out against abortion. It was a huge coup for pro-life groups, representing a symbolic victory. McCorvey spent most of the rest of her life fighting to overturn the law associated with her name. But now,... Read more

Al Mohler Has Modified His Thoughts Since 2016 and Now Plans to Vote for Trump | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr. is a pacesetter within the Southern Baptist Conference who, again in 2016, urged evangelicals towards supporting President Donald Trump, saying it will damage the motion’s credibility. In an op-ed for the Washington Put up, Mohler referred to help for Trump because the Nice Evangelical Embarrassment” and wrote... Read more

How one can Thoughts Your Personal Enterprise When Everyones Sharing Theirs

[ad_1] Just a few years in the past, School Humor launched a videosatirizing sanctimonious social-media departures. Ive considered it typically: the self-important man interrupting a celebration to declaim, to oddly quiet partiers, his causes for leaving their nugatory joke of a celebration to go do higher issues together with his life. I consider this video... Read more

Theologian Wayne Grudem Has Modified His Thoughts About Divorce in Circumstances of Abuse | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] For years, biblical theologian and starch defender of complementarianism Wayne Grudem has mentioned that for Christians, divorce was solely permissible in instances of infidelity and desertion. However on Tuesday, Grudem informed Christianity Immediately that some new biblical analysis has modified his thoughts, and he now believes bodily and emotional abuse is grounds... Read more

Counting on God Isnt a Thoughts Recreation

[ad_1] My first job after faculty was at a residential ministry the place my coworkers and I usually weathered non secular battles and weariness. We mentored adolescents battling previous trauma and ongoing stressors, and the method of ministering faithfully incessantly examined our personal emotional and non secular reserves.On this stormy context, our leaders exhorted us... Read more