Why Christians Are Not Morally Obligated to Vote

On Tuesday, citizens across America will commit of the most egregious of civic sins: they wont vote. If their transgression becomes known they may suffer scorn and derision. They will be chastised for having let down their country and for failing to perform their civic duty. Regrettably, much of this disrespect will come from Christians.... Read more

Joe Biden Is ‘Morally Bankrupt,’ Democrats Are a ‘Godless Party’, Pastor Robert Jeffress Says

Joe Biden Is 'Morally Bankrupt,' Democrats Are a 'Godless Party', Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Dr. Robert Jeffress, a staunch Trump supporter and pastor of First Baptist Dallas, recently lauded the President for believing in justice and mercy as he surprised Alice Johnson with a full pardon.Last weekend, Jeffrees told Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth... Read more

For the 20th Straight Year, Americans Say Abortion is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Gallup Shows

For the 20th Straight Year, Americans Say Abortion is 'Morally Wrong,' Gallup Shows A plurality of Americans say abortion is morally wrong, according to Gallups annual Values and Beliefs survey, which also shows a record percentage of Americans saying divorce is morally acceptable.The poll, conducted May 1-13 and released Tuesday, shows that 47... Read more

Calls for an end to tax avoidance as most Brits say it’s morally wrong

Pixabay/stevepbThere have been calls to end tax avoidance after a survey of over a thousand UK adults found that most believe it to be morally wrong.In the survey, by Church Action for Tax Justice (CATJ), 80% said tax avoidance was morally wrong, with three quarters of these respondents agreeing that everyone should "pay our fair... Read more

‘Morally wrong’ to expect care workers to work ‘for poverty pay’ without proper PPE

Fri 29 May 2020 12:36 BST Dr John Sentamu said care workers were putting their lives at risk doing their jobs "for poverty pay"The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is backing calls to the Government to ensure care workers receive a living wage. The campaign has been launched by Citizens UK after care worker Tabitha... Read more