MPs call for action from NATO and Britain as Christians in Montenegro face persecution

(Photo: Unsplash/Alexandre Micheloud)MPs Tim Farron and Steve Baker have called on the UK Government and NATO to take action to defend the freedom of Christians in Montenegro.  In a bipartisan article in Newsweek, the MPs, who are both Christians, said that religious freedom "must be defended and protected everywhere" as they warned of increasing harassment... Read more

MPs vote in favour of imposing buffer zones around abortion clinics

Buffer zones, like the one imposed around BPAS Richmond in Twickenham, make it criminal offence to offer help or prayer to women visiting the clinic(Photo: Google Street View)MPs voted on Wednesday to restrict offers of support and help to women outside abortion clinics. Labour MP Dr Rupa Huq's Demonstrations (Abortion Clinics) Ten Minute Rule Bill... Read more

Disappointment after MPs approve no-fault divorce

Zoriana Stakhniv/UnsplashThe Christian Institute has voiced disappointment after MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of sweeping changes to divorce law in England and Wales. In the most radical shake-up of divorce laws for half a century, the reforms will shorten the time needed to be granted a divorce to six months and eliminate the need for spouses... Read more

MPs approve extreme abortion regime for Northern Ireland

(Photo: Unsplash/Jamie Street)MPs have approved the UK Government's extreme abortion framework for Northern Ireland despite widespread opposition in the province.The new regulations were passed by 253 votes to 136 in the House of Commons, meaning that the fight against the changes now heads to the Northern Ireland Assembly, where MLAs are being urged to bring... Read more

MPs back ‘no-fault’ divorce Bill

(Photo: Unsplash/Rachael Crowe)MPs last night backed a Bill introducing 'no-fault' divorces in England and Wales. Following a debate in the Commons, the Bill was passed by 231 votes to 16 against.The Bill seeks to relax the rules around divorce so that spouses no longer have to allege a fault, like adultery or unreasonable behaviour.  It would... Read more

MPs urge Boris Johnson to allow churches to re-open

(Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles)A group of MPs has written to Boris Johnson questioning why shoppers can go to a "busy supermarket" but people in need of spiritual sustenance cannot go to a largely empty church to pray. The letter, seen by The Telegraph, calls for churches to re-open to allow people to come in for private prayer, weddings... Read more