Assisted suicide has become a ‘default way to die’ in the Netherlands

Assisted suicide has been legal in the Netherlands since 2002(Photo: Unsplash/Guus Baggermans)A large number of MPs and Peers attended a parliamentary event on the dangers of assisted suicide and the grim reality its legalisation would bring to the UK. Politicians from across the political spectrum heard speeches from internationally renowned Dutch ethicist Prof. Theo Boer... Read more

Fresh push to ban prostitution in the Netherlands

(Photo: Unsplash/Eric Nopanen)It could soon be the end for Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District if parliamentarians in the Netherlands have their way. The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), a junior partner in the Netherlands government, has revived efforts to ban prostitution. The call is being led by CDA member Anne Kuik, who told AD newspaper that... Read more

Netherlands to remove gender from ID cards

(Photo: Pexels/Tim Mossholder)The Dutch government is set to remove gender from ID cards.  The change is due to come into effect five years from now and is partly being made to reduce costs, Dutch news website Trouw reports.  Education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven laid out the plans in a letter to parliament, in which she said... Read more