Africas Poor Starving from Pandemic Closures – Mission Network News

One lady, when we delivered food to her family, they just saw the hands of God she confessed that they were starving, did not have anything at all to eat, and did not know at all what could have happened to them, he wrote to Christian Aid Mission. We have been able to spread your... Read more

Vamco sends Philippines into state of calamity – Mission Network News

Philippines (MNN) — In the aftermath of Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses), the Philippines province of Cagayan has seen its worst flooding in four decades. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the main island, Luzon, under a state of calamity. So far, flooding and mudslides have killed over 70 and displaced some 280,000 people. Eniong Hilario with... Read more

Christian leader awaits charges for sending Bible balloons to North Korea – Mission Network News

South Korea (MNN) — A believer awaits charges for launching Bible balloons from South Korea into North Korea. Last week, South Korean police recommended that prosecutors charge Eric Foley with Voice of the Martyrs Korea on three counts. One of them is related to the violation of an inter-Korean exchange law. [This] is a law... Read more

World Missionary Press sends hope to hurricane survivors – Mission Network News

Central America (MNN) — Initial damage reports from Hurricane Iota arent looking good. The storm killed dozens in Nicaragua and severely damaged or destroyed 98-percent of the infrastructure on a small Colombian island. Iota officially dissipated earlier this week, but its wrath remains. Forecasters predict extensive rainfall over parts of Central America already deluged by... Read more

Civil War engulfs Ethiopia’s Tigray region – Mission Network News

Ethiopia (MNN) — On Tuesday afternoon, an explosion rocked the capital of Ethiopias Tigray province, killing two civilians and injuring many more. Its another tragedy in the civil war that has erupted in Ethiopia. Forces loyal to the central government clash against those loyal to the local leaders of the Tigray region in the northern... Read more

More Than 170 Arrested in 2-Year Investigation into Florida Sex Trafficking Network

More Than 170 Arrested in 2-Year Investigation into Florida Sex Trafficking Network More than 170 people are facing charges as part of a two-year investigation into a sex trafficking network in Florida.As The Christian Post reports, the Tallahassee Police Department announced this week that Operation Stolen Innocence had led to an unprecedented number of arrests. The... Read more

Vigilant: A Behind the Scenes Glimpse at Film Production – Mission Network News

International (JESUS FILM PROJECT) By Michael Allen “What are the main struggles people are facing around the world right now?” This is a question that we are constantly asking ourselves in the Film Production department at Jesus Film Project. Film Production’s job is to create new content that can be used around the world to... Read more

Lebanon faces bailout ultimatum, COVID-19 surge – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — A lousy year turns even worse for Lebanon. According to Reuters, Western powers just handed Beirut an ultimatum: there will be no bailout unless they form a credible government to overhaul a bankrupt state and do it quickly. The news comes as leaders issued a nationwide lockdown to contain another COVID-19 breakout.... Read more

Militant Islamic group terrorizes Mozambique – Mission Network News

Mozambique (MNN) — Islamic terrorism has spiked in the southern African country of Mozambique this year. A radical Islamic group that the locals call al-Shabab (with no connection to the Somali group of the same name) has been taking over more and more territory in Northeast Mozambique since 2017. Earlier this month, militants murdered 50... Read more

As Iota fades, desperation escalates in Central America – Mission Network News

Central America (MNN) — The wind speeds from Tropical Storm Iota may have died down, but danger remains in Central America. Forecasters expect life-threatening flash floods and mudslides in portions of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. TransWorld Radios Steve Shantz says authorities are struggling to get people out of harms way. The job is made very... Read more

Religious persecution increases worldwide – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — The Pew Research Center says the religious persecution of Christians is growing around the world, especially at the hands of dictators. Read a full report here. This study shows 40% of the world struggles to worship God freely. Meanwhile, anothernew study shows that religion drives prejudices between people more than race or... Read more

US sanctions Hezbollah-affiliated politician in Lebanon – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — In an effort to combat corruption in Lebanons government, the Trump administration has placed sanctions on a Christian leader, Gebran Bassil, with ties to Hezbollah. Bassil, the son-in-law of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, has been accused of using his leadership position to better himself financially and cover up terrorist activities by Hezbollah.... Read more

South Sudan economy falters; local believers meet needs – Mission Network News

South Sudan (MNN) — The COVID-19 pandemic and falling oil prices hit the worlds newest nation hard. South Sudan just took its first loan from the International Monetary Fund. See our full coronavirus coverage here. Analysts say South Sudan fared fairly well earlier this year thanks to political stability and an uptick in global oil... Read more

Save the date! Pray for Muslim-background believers this Wednesday – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — God is doing great and marvelous things in the Muslim world. Under challenging circumstances in places like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, multitudes leave Islam to follow Jesus. More Muslims have come to faith in Christ in the last ten years than during the previous 14 centuries, Uncharted Ministries asserts. New... Read more

A year marked by COVID-19 and economic instability creates fertile ground for the Gospel – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — In a year that has been extremely difficult all around the world, countries in the Near East are particularly struggling. Cry Out Now encourages prayer for Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq as people in these countries search for hope. Hungry for Hope Jane of Cry Out Now explains that ministries in these... Read more

Turkey still reeling after 7.0 magnitude earthquake – Mission Network News

Turkey (MNN) — After a 7.0 earthquake rocked parts of Turkey and Greece on October 31, strong aftershocks keep coming. Over the last two weeks, earthquakes ranging from 4.0 to 4.5 continue to rattle the Aegean Sea. The Turkish City of Izmir suffered the worst of the damage. The initial quake collapsed 17 buildings, killing... Read more

Tropical Storm Eta leaves behind destruction in Guatemala – Mission Network News

Guatemala (MNN) — Tropical Storm Eta triggered landslides and left a path of destruction through Central America, especially in Guatemala. The center of the storm never touched the country, but heavy rains overflowed rivers and caused mudslides, destroying or damaging villages. Eta made landfall on the western coast of Florida yesterday after winding its way... Read more

Vamco batters Philippines; believers need help – Mission Network News

Philippines (MNN) — Typhoon Vamco is the 21st named storm to hit the Philippines this year. The archipelago typically sees 20 tropical storms and typhoons each season, the Associated Press reports. Vamco dumped record-breaking rainfall on Manila before heading to Vietnam. Filipino believers respond to disasters quickly, offering physical help and the hope of Christ,... Read more

New partnership accelerates deaf translation training process – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — The Deaf community is so often forgotten when it comes to reaching people with the Gospel. DOOR International is partnering with Deaf Harbor to create resources for the training of translation teams. When we think about, as Christians, how saturated our lives are with Gods Word, many Deaf people do not have... Read more

World Concern, local churches team up to prevent COVID-19 infections – Mission Network News

South Sudan (MNN) — Effective messaging is critical for raising community awareness and knowledge of COVID-19 prevention. See our full coronavirus coverage here. In South Sudan, World Concern teams up with local churches to spread the word. When it came to COVID-19 messaging, it became very effective for them because they established those relationships with... Read more

Armenia and Azerbaijan sign deal to end fighting – Mission Network News

Armenia (MNN) — Armenia and Azerbaijan have signed a peace agreement to end their war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. This ends six weeks of heavy fighting in the Southern Caucasus. Armenia will essentially surrender the territory it has lost and has agreed to vacate more in the coming days. Azerbaijan had more resources behind them... Read more

Who are the ‘unreached’ and why do they matter? – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Before he ascended to heaven, Christ commanded his followers to take his Gospel to every nation, tribe, and tongue. Some call it the Great Commission, and its outlined in Matthew 28. Tracking the number of unreached people groups, also known as UPGs, shows believers how much work remains. What makes a people... Read more

Tropical Storm Eta leaves behind massive flooding – Mission Network News

Honduras (MNN) — Tropical Storm Eta has already killed dozens in Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras after unleashing flooding and mudslides. Now, the enormous storm has turned nearly stationary, threatening parts of Florida and Cuba with heavy rain and flooding. 2020 is the most active hurricane season on record for the Atlantic Ocean, with 29 storms... Read more

Baghdad attack is all too familiar for war-weary Iraqis – Mission Network News

Iraq (MNN) — Iraqs military blames the Islamic State for yesterdays ambush on a security post near the airport in Baghdad. IS attacked the monitoring tower, killing five members of the tribal Hashed and six local people who had come to help repel the attack, a security source told AFP. At the time of this... Read more

Joe Biden elected as 46th US president – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — After a year-long campaign and a tense election week, former vice president Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States. Sen. Kamala Harris will be the first female, first black, and first South Asian vice president in U.S. history. President Donald Trump is the first incumbent to lose... Read more

Warriors Set Free provides biblical guidance and discipleship to veterans – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — Veterans Day is tomorrow. While most of us set aside a day each year to appreciate veterans and honor their service, Warriors Set Free seeks to minister to these men and women year-round. Warriors Set Free is part of Set Free Ministries, which introduces people to the freedom they can have in... Read more

Heart4Iran helps Iranian couple plant a church – Mission Network News

Iran (MNN) — The underground church is alive and growing in Iran. Take the remarkable story of Marzieh and her husband, who started a house church with some of their friends. It all started with a trip to Sweden. A friend invited Marzieh’s husband to church, and he became a Christian soon after. When he... Read more

Recent agreement moves Sudan closer to religious freedom – Mission Network News

Sudan (MNN) — After a two-day meeting, Christian and Muslim leaders in Sudan signed an agreement promoting peace and religious freedom. Its the first of its kind and a significant step forward. If we look [casually] at this agreement, we say, Well, thats nice, these leaders have agreed on religious freedom. But, when you look... Read more

Mission Cry sends Bibles and books to Albania – Mission Network News

Albania (MNN) — A container of Bibles and used books arrived in Albania, providing Christians with access to the Word of God and other faith-based books and resources. Mission Cry partners with a ministry in Amsterdam who approached them about sending resources to Albania, and Jason Woolford says they jumped at the chance. [The ministry]... Read more

U.S. election confusion, increasing attacks add to Afghanistan woes – Mission Network News

Afghanistan (MNN) — U.S. election confusion and increasing terror attacks raise Afghanistans uncertainty to a new level. A new report says violence is up by 50-percent this quarter over last. Under a proposed peace agreement made in February, U.S. troops will reduce to 5,000 by the end of this month. However, this exit hinges on... Read more