The Blessing of Being an Older Mom

Across the developed world, mothers are getting older. Many women choose to delay having children so they can first lay a foundation of financial or relational security, or to pursue a career or personal goals. Other women never intended to be older mothers, but end up in that situation due to infertility, delayed marriage, or... Read more

That Time I Went After an Older, Godlier Man – Tim Challies

Its not a memory Im proud of, but every now and again I feel the need to revisit it. I guess if Peter could tell the tale of betraying Jesusafter all, how else would the biblical writers have known the fine details?, I can tell my tale of failing to be like Jesus. I can... Read more

Lessons from older Christians after a lifetime of prayer

The Queen is one such older Christian who has often spoken of the importance of her faith(Photo: Pixabay/WikiImages)"I have been and remain very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love. I have indeed seen his faithfulness."Queen Elizabeth II, whose birthday we celebrate this weekend, wrote this in 2016 but... Read more

It’s important for the Church to serve and empower older people too

(Photo: Faith in Later Life)Carl Knightly is Chief Executive of Faith In Later Life, sister charity to Pilgrims' Friend Society. He shares how the charity is working to equip the church to serve and empower older people.Before this coronavirus crisis, on Sundays when my family and I arrived at church, my children would run to... Read more

As Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen, Congregations Grapple with Including Older Adults

As Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen, Congregations Grapple with Including Older Adults (RNS) Each Sunday, Larry Little and his wife, Mary, get ready for church. They dress casually, fill two tumblers with water, climb into their golf cart and drive two miles to The Grove, a grassy field next to their church.There they find a... Read more

Life for older people in such a time as this

Residents at Pilgrim Gardens wave from the back of the building(Photo: Pilgrims' Friend Society)Pilgrim Gardens is one of Pilgrims' Friend Society's independent living housing scheme in Leicester. Mandy Smith, Scheme Manager, shares how life has been affected by the coronavirus pandemicWithout a doubt the coronavirus has had an impact on everyone, but the impact has... Read more

We need a better society after lockdown, where older people feel safe

Residents at Pilgrims' Friend Society Dorothea Court, a Christian independent living housing scheme in Bedford.(Photo: Pilgrims' Friend Society)We need a better society after lockdown, where older people feel safe.  Many people want a 'new normal 'after lock-down but one where older people won't be airbrushed out of the health system; where they're not considered 'disposable'; where... Read more

Pray for older people and care workers, says Christian charity

(Photo: Pilgrims' Friend Society)Christian charity Pilgrims' Friend Society is inviting the UK Church to join in a week of prayer for older people and the care sector. It is running 'Prayer Week 2020' from 7 to 13 June, culminating on the Queen's official birthday.The week of prayer comes at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has... Read more

An Open Letter to the Older Girls within the Church

[ad_1] This text is a part of the Open Letters sequence. Expensive Older Sister in Christ, I start this letter to you with a tragic story. The primary two older ladies I requested to mentor me mentioned no. I used to be devastated. I knew each ladies fairly effectively. We served collectively in the identical... Read more