Is America Still an Option for Christians Fleeing Persecution?

I recently started walking through the process of applying for asylum with a new friend. I cant say much about her situation, but her public profession of faith in Christ would endanger her life in her home country. Based on what I know about her situation, I was highly optimistic about her chance of being... Read more

Hard Times & Healthcare: Is There a Reliable Faith-Based Option?

Hard Times & Healthcare: Is There a Reliable Faith-Based Option? These times aren't easy. While many continue to lose jobs and employer-based healthcare during the ongoing pandemic, the need for affordable and accessible healthcare has never been greater. How can you maintain your access to healthcare when you or someone in your family... Read more

Why Intercountry Adoption Must Remain a Viable Option

My life is forever transformed because of international adoption. Im an adoptee from Romania. I intimately know the joys and sorrows of adoption, and I carry with me the stories of orphans Ive met in my work. Adoption is deeply complex because it always involves loss and sacrifice. For a birth parent, the loss is... Read more