How to Flourish Amid Moral Chaos and Outrage

Were in crisis. Currently this includes health, cultural, racial, and economic realities. Jonathan Dodsonpastor in Austin, Texas, and founder of Gospel-Centered Discipleshipargues in Our Good Crisis: Overcoming Moral Chaos with the Beatitudes that were also in a moral crisis. We struggle to distinguish good from evil. Our moral discernment barometer oscillates like a metronome. Should... Read more

TGC Q&A: How Should Christians Respond to a Culture of Outrage?

Jen Pollock Michel: Jackie, how should Christians respond to the culture of outrage today? Jackie Hill Perry: I think one, there has to be the expectation of it. There was outrage in Jesus’ day. They couldn’t believe that he was saying the things that he was saying, drink his blood, eat his flesh. What are... Read more