The Day I Was J.I. Packer’s Mailman – Tim Challies

You no doubt heard that J.I. Packer died on Friday, and since then many people have shared their memories and tributes. (See Saturday’s A La Carte for a few of them.) Sadly I never met Packer and never even heard him speak, though I was certainly blessed by a number of his books. But my... Read more

J. I. Packers Final Words to the Church

A self-described Puritan, theological exegete, and latter-day catechist, J. I. Packer for more than half a century of public ministry was a great popularizer of reformational theology through his writing and teaching ministry. He died at age 93. My Phone Call With the audacity of a 20-something, I picked up the phone and gave Packer... Read more

J. I. Packers Last Crusade: The Renewal of Catechesis

J. I. Packers Final Campaign: The Renewal of Catechesis

[ad_1] I've come to assume that one of the best ways to explain myself is as a latter-day catechist. J. I. Packer1 A Latter-Day Catechist One of many nice privileges of my life has been to collaborate with the Reverend Canon Dr. J. I. Packer and others within the growth of To Be a Christian:... Read more