When Your Gray-Haired Parents Get Divorced

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that gray divorce is on the rise in the United States. According to research conducted at Bowling Green University, the divorce rate among adults aged 50 and older has doubled since 1990. As a result, theres a growing number of adult children grieving their parents divorces. Gray divorce isnt... Read more

If Schools Don’t Open, the Funding Should ‘Go to the Parents,’ Trump Says

If Schools Don't Open, the Funding Should 'Go to the Parents,' Trump Says Schools that dont meet in-person this school year should send the money budgeted for each student to the parents so they can use it for private schools or homeschooling, President Trump says.Trump made the comments Thursday during a press conference... Read more

As Adoption Ages: How Parents Are Handling Teen Challenges

When Vanita Thomas met her future husband, Peter, for the first time, she asked if he would be interested in adopting a child with her. It wasnt a premature questiontheir marriage was arranged, and their first meeting was meant to see if they were compatible. Potential future children were important to discuss. But it was... Read more

China taking children away from Christian parents, threatens to send them to re-education camps

Early Rain Covenant Church members in China.Facebook/Early Rain Covenant ChurchChina has threatened to send children from Christian families to re-education camps, according to alarming reports from a member of a local church in the country. A member of China's Early Rain Covenant Church has described the intensifying persecution of Christians by the Chinese Communist Party,... Read more

Parents: To Join Social Media Is To Witness Death – Tim Challies

Social media was still in its infancy when it showed me a death for the first time. All these years later the details remain vivid in my mind. A colleague said, Tim, check this out. He turned his screen toward me to show a blindfolded man kneeling before his captors. They spoke a few words... Read more

It Takes a Village to Help Single Parents

April 22, 2011 is a day that lives in infamy in my home state of Alabama. Beginning in the dark hours before dawn, 62 tornadoes roared through the state. In spite of all the warnings, the school cancellations, and our statewide familiarity with tornado protocol, 253 people died. During this pandemic, I’ve often thought of... Read more

Parents and Children: Does your Relationship Honour God? – TGC Africa

“Parents always say my children dont listen to me! My children are trying to impose themselves on me! And children are saying my parents are dictators! They want to impose their will on me! They dont know that Im also a human being and I have my own will!” So, there is always that tension... Read more

Parents must act now on relationships and sex education before it becomes compulsory in schools

(Photo: Pixabay)A new law about relationships and sex education (RSE) comes into effect for all schools in England this September. Children from the age of four will be taught what schools think they should learn about sex, sexuality and gender dysphoria. Unfortunately, this law has created an environment where children can be misled, confused and... Read more

Disney Plus Debuts Pixar Short, Out, about a Gay Man Coming out to His Parents

Disney Plus Debuts Pixar Short, Out, about a Gay Man Coming out to His Parents Disney Plus debuted a Pixar short film Friday that breaks new ground for the animation studio by featuring an openly gay character and then by showing him kissing his partner.The nine-minute animated film, Out, tells the story of... Read more

10 Most Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know

They define their app as: Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with each other in immersive, user-generated 3D worlds.If youre still unclear, picture going online and creating your own social environment. A school, a theme park, a neighborhood. In this environment, your... Read more

When Parents Feel Like We Are Mostly Failing Most of the Time - Tim Challies

When Dad and mom Really feel Like We Are Largely Failing Many of the Time – Tim Challies

[ad_1] I am positive parenting has all the time been an advanced enterprise. Im positive every technology of fogeys has needed to take care of points particular to their distinctive time and context. I reasonably suspect, although, that folks who increase youngsters on the cusp of a technological transformation face a particular sort of problem.... Read more

Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology

Mother and father, Your Children Want Huge Theology

[ad_1] The Wealthy Theology of Hymns Earlier than our daughter was born, my husband and I made a protracted record of musts and nevers like several formidable dad or mum. As you may think about, most of these fell by the wayside within the days and months after she was born, however one custom was... Read more

An Open Letter to Parents Feeling Unequipped to Disciple Their Kids

An Open Letter to Dad and mom Feeling Unequipped to Disciple Their Youngsters

[ad_1] This text is a part of the Open Letters sequence. Its Supernatural Let me start with the place you areactually the place all of us are. You're feeling unequipped since you are unequipped. So am I. So is everybody else. Discipleship isnt simple. It isnt one thing we simply do naturally as a result... Read more