Persuasion 202 | Toeing the Party Line

Perhaps during this series you’ve become open to the idea that political engagement is an avenue for kingdom flourishing to bring about the common good. And perhaps you’ve also clarified the sort of nation you want to build with your political engagement. Now we move from theory into practice, because political engagement will actually require... Read more

Persuasion 201 BONUS | Interview with Sam Perry – Christ and Pop Culture

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Persuasion 201 | Taking America Back for God

Taking an active role in shaping our communitiesand nationis a valid way for us to fulfill Jesus’ mandate to love our neighbor. Such work is both Christian and political. It’s that intersection we’re exploring in this For God and Country series. Once we determine it is our duty to work toward the common good in... Read more

Persuasion 200 | For God and Country? with Kaitlyn Schiess

As if 2020 wasn’t hard enough already, we have yet another hurdle to jump this fall with the upcoming presidential election. We’ve already seen plenty of the usual rhetoric and outrage that has become the norm in partisan politics. Many conversations about the serious issues our nation faces today devolve into petty attacks and sound-bite... Read more

Persuasion 199 | Getting By… with Luke T. Harrington – Christ and Pop Culture

Humor has been rather hard to find in 2020. We’ve had month after month of very serious happenings. When the world is falling apart, laughter feels wrongeven callous. Serious things call for a serious countenance… right? In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson kick off a late summer miniseries called Getting By.... Read more

Persuasion 198 | Getting By… with Gina Dalfonzo

Our current moment of political, social, and even religious upheaval has been isolating in many inexplicable ways. COVID-19 restrictions have eliminated many of our opportunities to build friendships and network with colleagues. Many of us are now working, schooling, and worshiping from home, severing limiting our social circles. As a result, psychologists are reporting higher... Read more

Persuasion 197 | Getting By… with Wendy Alsup – Christ and Pop Culture

In polite conversation, when someone greets you and asks how you are doing, the typical, benign reply is to say you “are doing just fine, thanks.” But today, that reply feels disingenuous at best, considering the global pandemic, the racial reckoning across our nation, and the general polarization in society. Saying we are doing just... Read more

Persuasion 196 | Just Getting By – Christ and Pop Culture

After four months of navigating COVID-19 worries and addressing societal inequalities, it seems that most of us are embracing the reality that our world is forever changed. We’re learning new ways to work, build community, celebrate milestones, and more. But none of it is easy or second nature. It’s actually quite difficult. Most of us... Read more

Carrot Bacon and the Art of Persuasion – Christ and Pop Culture

What you seecarrots? Or do you see bacon? This is the question Tabitha Brown poses at the beginning of her video in which she instructs her followers in alchemy, or turning carrots into bacon. It seems like a nonsense question. Do you see a pencil or a zebra? Clothespins or the moon? A concrete truck... Read more

Persuasion 195 | Trying Forward in a Viral Age – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Have been a people who likes to handle each situation and have backup plans for each contingency. So what occurs when the entire world screeches to a close to halt and all the info weve used for choice making is now not legitimate? Nicely, for many of us, this has produced a not so... Read more

Persuasion 194 | Discovering Goodness in a Viral Age – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Loss and grief are central to the COVID-19 pandemic. Weve misplaced family members, jobs, freedoms, and safety. Some have misplaced their marriage ceremony dates or holidays. Some have misplaced sleep or a way of goal. Discouragement is frequent as all of us scramble to seek out which means within the midst of a disaster.... Read more

Persuasion 193 | Releasing Management in a Viral Age – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] COVID-19 has taken away a lot from us, together with our sense of management. Our plans have been cancelled, and our actions are restricted. We will not go the place we wish after we need with whomever we select. Lack of management might make us offended or fearful or pissed off (or all of... Read more

Persuasion 192 | In search of Justice in a Viral Age – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Anger is on the rise through the COVID-19 pandemicand for good motive. Virtually each side of our lives has been upended. We at the moment are working and studying from dwelling. All of our public gatherings have been cancelled or postponed, from weddings to funerals to sports activities to graduations. Now we have been... Read more

Persuasion 191 | Practising Lament in a Viral Age, with John Starke – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] The world is grappling with a pandemic that's altering life as we all know it. We're grieving the lack of family members. Those that have recovered are dealing with unsure long-term well being circumstances. The worldwide financial system is struggling together with unknown ramifications for hundreds of thousands of workers. Because the coronavirus runs... Read more

Persuasion 190 | Pursuing Wholeness in a Viral Age – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Until youve been offline or off planet, you might be conscious of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. It's the main historic occasion of our time, affecting all the pieces from work and college to church and group. We're all scrambling to determine the right way to dwell and function beneath a brand new normalone and... Read more

Persuasion 188 BONUS | Interview with Aundi Kolber – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invited Aundi Kolber to Persuasion to share about her work as a licensed skilled counselor in Citadel Rock, Colorado. Aundis speciality is trauma-informed remedy, serving to those that have skilled trauma to course of it and discovering well being and therapeutic. For episode 188 of the Go House sequence,... Read more

Persuasion 187 BONUS | Interview with Rachel Anderson – Christ and Pop Tradition

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Persuasion 189 | Lastly Residence

[ad_1] If the which means and goal of house wasnt prime of thoughts earlier than our Go Residence! sequence started, it definitely is now. In fact, most of that credit score belongs to the worldwide unfold of COVID-19. Authorities leaders world wide have lately initiated Shelter in Place and Safer at Residence insurance policies to... Read more

Persuasion 188 | Household Ties, with Aundi Kolber

[ad_1] If house is actually the place your story begins, then our relations are the characters that make the story come to life. Each household has its personal narrative, its personal method of functioning and working collectively. These patterns profoundly have an effect on us, for good and for sick. And generally, even lengthy after... Read more

Persuasion 187 | House + Work, with Rachel Anderson

[ad_1] How does our notion of dwelling have an effect on the best way we go about our work? A method is by adopting market values and priorities and yielding our dwelling life to attain these endsoften to the detriment of our dwelling life. The fallout of elevating the market above all else may even... Read more

Persuasion 186 BONUS | Interview with Laura Fabrycky – Christ and Pop Tradition

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Persuasion 186 | The Missional House, with Laura Fabrycky

[ad_1] When John MacArthur advised Beth Moore to go house, it revealed a lot about his framework for the way the church and residential ought to function and who's chargeable for every sphere. This attitude appears to see the spheres as fairly separate. The church has a function and a mission, and the house has... Read more

Persuasion 185 | Household Values – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] For many years, Christians have championed one thing known as household values. Conventional marriage, the preservation of the nuclear household, and conservative sexual ethics had been prime tenants (together with a smattering of different ideas). Christians had been known as to uphold mentioned household values to be able to play their half within the... Read more

Persuasion 184 | House Our bodies, with Wesley Hill – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] You cant take into consideration house with out excited about the folks in it. Our most formative and essential relationships are rooted right here, an inextricable a part of what we conceive of after we take into consideration house. In our trendy society, house is most frequently related to the nuclear household: mother and... Read more

Persuasion 183 | Dwelling Making – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Our understanding of house impacts all the pieces about us, each individually and collectively. Dwelling is significant to us all, however figuring out its worth in a market-based society is fraught with troubles. Wage.com has tried to assist by giving stay-at-home-moms (or dads) a $160Ok valuation. The intent is to raise the standing of... Read more

Persuasion 182 | The Highway House – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Disagreements throughout the church are sometimes and lots of, and in todays digital age, that drama typically spills out to the interwebs. Final fall, one particularly dominated Christian social feeds for a number of weeks that included Pastor John MacArthur and Bible instructor Beth Moore. It began when MacArthur, as a part of a... Read more

Persuasion 181 | A Charlie Brown Christmas

[ad_1] For greater than 50 years, A Charlie Brown Christmas has aired every December, giving us all a heaping dose of what Christmas is, and isnt. We are able to all relate to Charlie Browns discouragement over the commercialism of Christmasall the frenzy of adorning and performances and gifting and getting of issues. Simply as... Read more

Persuasion 180 | A Die Exhausting Christmas – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Each vacation season, a heated debate renews over the validity of calling the 1988 film Die Exhausting a Christmas film. The action-thriller is a few terrorist plot that takes place on Christmas Eve and is foiled by its hero, performed by Bruce Willis. Technically, for the reason that story takes place on Christmas Eve,... Read more

Persuasion 179 | A Hallmark Christmas – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Christmas playing cards, present wrap, ornaments, decorHallmark definitely has a nook on Christmas. However up to now few years, Hallmark has virtually owned the Christmas romance house. Its annual Countdown to Christmas begins in late October, when a brand new movie rolls out every day for 40 days and beforehand launched movies play 24/7.... Read more

Persuasion 178 | Processing Inventive Tensions – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Pursuing the artistic life within the digital age affords loads of new alternatives and its justifiable share of challenges. The benefit with which digital platforms permit us to succeed in our viewers and share our work breaks down entry boundaries that used to maintain creators and makers remoted and unnoticed. However that easy accessibility... Read more