A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Why is it that when marginalize peopleAfrican American peoplemobilize in protest,were considered dangerous, a threat, disorderly, vicious and menacing?And why is it that when marginalized peopleAfrican American peoplebring this tothe publics attention, white men demean us on our own facebook pages, call usdivisive, race-baiters and reverse-racists? I live in a parallel society where I cannot... Read more

This Jesus Picture Found in an Elderly Womans Kitchen Just Sold for $26.6 Million | RELEVANT Magazine

This Jesus Image Present in an Aged Womans Kitchen Simply Bought for $26.6 Million | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A girl in France, who's now in her 90s, saved what she thought was a nugatory piece of wall artwork, hanging in her kitchen for the reason that 1960s. Nevertheless, when she was on the brink of transfer final 12 months, she had an auctioneer come by to offer her estimates on... Read more