Chechnya Has Called for a Purge of All Superheroes From Children’s Play Places | RELEVANT

Hard to believe now, but there was a time when liking superheroes just meant you were a big ol’ nerd. These days, folks can’t get enough superheroes.Avengers: Endgameis the highest grossing movie of all time, and the rest of Marvel’s movies appear regularly throughout the list of history’s most successful films. And why shouldn’t they... Read more

US Supreme Court blocks New York restrictions on places of worship

A file photo shows a nurse wearing personal protective equipment watching an ambulance driving away outside of Elmhurst Hospital during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the Queens borough of New York, U.S.A.ReutersNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling favoring religious organizations in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions, "irrelevant" and not... Read more

Churches are ‘one of the safest places’ to be, says Welby

Canterbury Cathedral at Christmas(Photo: Canterbury Cathedral)The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he will be at church on Christmas Day and is encouraging others to do the same, whether online or in person. Speaking to BBC's Newsnight, Archbishop Justin Welby said that churches were "one of the safest places going at the moment" given the social... Read more

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: A Sermon from Julius Kim

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Julius Kim: I’d invite you to turn to Genesis 29 for our scripture reading this morning. Let me add my welcome to pastor James, to all of you who are here today, to... Read more

Churches ‘are among the safest’ public places in the pandemic, says bishop

(Photo: Unsplash/Thays Orrico)The extent of hygiene measures in place across churches has made them "among the safest places for people to attend" in the ongoing pandemic, a senior Catholic leader has said.  Bishop John Keenan, Vice President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, praised the "tireless" work of priests, parishioners and volunteers in keeping churches... Read more

Northern Ireland: places of worship attacked every three days

(Photo: Unsplash/Andrew Seaman)Calls were being made today for greater protection of churches and other places of worship in Northern Ireland after hundreds of attacks in recent years. A freedom of information request by CARE NI revealed that since 2014, there have been 601 recorded crimes causing criminal damage to religious buildings, churchyards and cemetries in... Read more

Three California Churches Sue Gov. Newsom for Ban on Singing in Places of Worship

Three California Churches Sue Gov. Newsom for Ban on Singing in Places of Worship (RNS) Three evangelical churches in California have sued Gov. Gavin Newsom for banning singing and chanting in places of worship but permitting such activities elsewhere.The states July 13 order about COVID-19 permits worship services as well as fitness centers,... Read more

‘Vulnerable’ places of worship urged to apply to 3.2m security fund

(Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles)The Government is encouraging "vulnerable" places of worship to apply to a 3.2m fund set up to help protect them from hate crime attacks.The Places of Worship Protective Security Fund is now in its fifth year and is available for churches, mosques, gurdwaras and temples that are at risk from hate crime attacks. The... Read more

Oregon Churches Win Lawsuit as Coronavirus Restrictions Ease for Places of Worship

Oregon Churches Win Lawsuit as Coronavirus Restrictions Ease for Places of Worship Two Oregon churches had filed a lawsuit May 26 against Governor Katherine Browns COVID-19 restrictions on churches. Nine days later, the governor has relaxed those restrictions, and churches are planning how to reopen safely for services.The Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit... Read more

Sincerely Seeking Solutions (in all the Wrong Places) – TGC Africa

It was a simple line said in passing by a brother praying during an online prayer meeting. The fear of the Coronavirus does not save. But it became the seed that fell on the soil of my soul, ultimately growing this article. The brother was acknowledging the strangeness of the current reality that the entire... Read more

Im Glad You Failed: Sharing Christ in Darkish Locations

[ad_1] What image involves thoughts whenever you hear the phrases jail ministry? Maybe you see members of your church going to the county jail on Saturday nights, providing listening ears and prayers to women and men on the unsuitable facet of the regulation. Maybe you consider Angel Tree Christmas items by means of Jail Fellowship,... Read more

Jesus Loves Small, Insignificant Locations. So Ought to We.

[ad_1] It’s a well-liked quote, generally attributed to Charles Spurgeon: Discernment will not be merely telling the distinction between proper and unsuitable; it’s telling the distinction between proper and nearly proper. A Large Gospel in Small Locations: Why Ministry in Forgotten Communities Issues Witmer, Stephen IVP. 216 pp.. Jesus loves small, insignificant locations. Lately, Christian... Read more

Seeing Jesus in Sudden Locations – Crimson Letter Christians

[ad_1] That is the baritone performed in fourth grade band by the child who bought kicked out of kindergarten. That is the E-book Membership choice learn by the child who bought kicked out of kindergarten. These are the Math Membership playing cards owned by the child who bought kicked out of kindergarten. That is the... Read more