Spring Harvest planning 2021 gathering with ‘Covid guarantee’

Spring Harvest is attended by thousands of Christians, many of them families, each year(Photo: Spring Harvest)The organisers of Spring Harvest, one of the UK's largest annual Christian events, are pushing ahead with plans for the 2021 gathering. This year's gathering was cancelled for the first time in the event's history because of the coronavirus pandemic, with... Read more

New owners planning ‘vibrant future’ for architecturally significant seminary ruins

St Peter's Seminary hasn't been used since the eighties and is now in ruinsA rundown seminary regarded by architectural conservationists as having worldwide significance has been handed to new owners by the Archdiocese of Glasgow. St Peter's Seminary, near Cardross in Agryll and Bute, is in an advanced state of disrepair after being abandoned in... Read more

Huge majority of white evangelicals still planning to vote for Trump

(Photo: Reuters)A survey has indicated that 82% of white American evangelical Protestant Christians would vote for President Donald Trump or lean towards voting for him in the 2020 election despite concerns over his job approval ratings. The Pew survey was conducted among registered voters, and is an increase from the 77% of white evangelical Protestant... Read more

Planning a Preaching Schedule for Months (and Years) Ahead

As many churches shifted their regular services at the outset of COVID-19 into online meetings, so too many preachers changed their scheduled sermons to ensure they speak the words needed in this most challenging season. God’s sovereignty is being explained. The need for Christlike sacrificial love of others is being underscored. The hope of resurrection... Read more

7 Suggestions for Planning a Sermon Collection

[ad_1] The place to Start? In most modern translations, the Bible runs to over one thousand pages of comparatively small printall of it Gods particular revelation to his world and his individuals. Pastors of Gods individuals, subsequently, face a considerably daunting, if not overwhelming, job. How can they strategy educating the entire phrase of God... Read more