Group Creates Site to Help Christian Voters Understand Candidates’ Platforms Through a Biblical Lens

Group Creates Site to Help Christian Voters Understand Candidates' Platforms Through a Biblical Lens The Salt & Light Council has created a new political resource to help biblically-minded voters parse through the candidates positions in line with a biblical worldview."Biblical Voter, created two years ago by the council, has information on local, state, and national candidates... Read more

Facebook Has Banned the QAnon Conspiracy On All Its Platforms | RELEVANT

Facebook is amping up its crackdown on the pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as QAnon is a big way, banning any group, page or Instagram account that openly identifies with the rapidly growing fringe movement. It’s a significant escalation from Facebook’s earlier vow to ban QAnon accounts calling for violence, which was criticized for not doing... Read more

‘Just Mercy’ Is Now Free to Rent on Digital Platforms | RELEVANT Magazine

Just Mercy,the excellent 2019 drama about the story of modern day death penalty abolitionist Bryan Stevenson, will be free to rent through the month of June. The movie’s official Twitter account announced the decision on Tuesday morning, saying the movie’s message of black equality, police brutality and corruption in the justice system makes it... Read more