Should Christians Pledge Allegiance? | RELEVANT Magazine

Editor’s Note: This piece originally ran September during the NFL season. This week, the conversation around protests was renewed after Lebron James and other NBA players and coaches took a knee ahead of their games in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement as a way of protesting racist police brutality. President Donald Trump tweeted... Read more

White Church Leaders’ Praise + Protest Pledge

As white church leaders, ministry leaders, worship leaders, songwriters, artists, producers, company owners, heads of organizations, we come together to express our commitment towards fighting racial injustice in our own spheres of influence and America at large. Through this signed statement, we pledge to begin the work required to build environments that are racially just... Read more

Texas Episcopalians Pledge $13 Million in Racial Reparations | RELEVANT Magazine

Texas Episcopalians Pledge $13 Million in Racial Reparations | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The Houston Chronicle experiences thatthe Episcopal Diocese of Texas is launching a $13 million initiative to deal with and heal people and communities instantly injured by the Church’s historical past of racism. The Chronicle notes that the Diocese’s first bishop, elected over 160 years in the past, was a slave proprietor. Bishop... Read more