Why Christians Can’t Just ‘Not Care’ About Politics | RELEVANT

American Christians have a long legacy of trying to parse out exactly what counts as political so that we can engage with the parts of the world that go untouched by the corrupting influences of politics. But politics color all aspects of our collective life. Disengaging from politics is impossible, and the effort to do... Read more

The Politics of Loving Your Neighbor | RELEVANT

In Micah 6:8, we find what has been called the Great Requirement: He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Just as the Great Commandment requires us to actively love our neighbors,... Read more

The Why Behind Rapid Cultural Shifts in Gender Politics

An Underlying Condition One of the most shocking things for many traditionalists and religious conservatives has been the dramatic speed at which the sexual revolutionspecifically in its political form relative to the LGBTQ+ movementhas taken place. Twenty years ago, most Americans disagreed with gay marriage. Now, to disagree with gay marriage almost puts you on... Read more

Report: Megachurches Continue to Grow and Diversify, Steer Clear of Politics

Report: Megachurches Continue to Grow and Diversify, Steer Clear of Politics (RNS) Americas megachurches have continued to thrive over the past five years, attracting more worshippers, becoming more diverse and opening new locations.A pre-pandemic, national survey of megachurches from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research found the median megachurch draws about 4,100 attenders to its... Read more

From KKK Activism to Cruciform Politics

Watching what’s unfolding in America today is like seeing the rerun of a bad movie. As a young, patriotic, white, churchgoing Southerner, I was alarmed by the racial, social, and political changes taking place in the 1960s. Southern governors and many local leaders were denouncing the civil-rights movement as inspired by communists. Conspiracy theories alleged... Read more

How Not to Talk About Politics | RELEVANT

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversations with the average voter. Those were the words of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who, despite all of his success, also knew that talking about politics can be more difficult than being a politician. If theres one way to turn a friendly conversation into an... Read more

As a Christian, How Involved Should I Be in Politics?

Catherine Segars Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer There were eight of us gathered around the table for a catered dinner at the house of my husbands boss. The small talk was pleasant and expected. Nothing riveting or even interesting, really. Then out of nowhere, someone mentioned the wall. Not the dining room wall or the wall in the... Read more

Why We Should Talk About Faith and Policy, Not Religion and Politics | RELEVANT

The U.S. election is just over a month away and millions of Americans are once again turning their attention to how politics affect their daily lives. Yet, people on both sides of the political spectrum have become disaffected in politics. Indicators of democratic principles have fallen over the last there years and poll results released... Read more

Review: The Liturgy of Politics by Kaitlyn Schiess

Everywhere we turn, were confronted with politics. Political ads on our phones and televisions. Campaign signs on billboards as we commute to work. And politics dominate not only the news but also our neighborhoods, with flags, yard signs, and bumper stickers marking out political divides. As annoying as some of us might find all of... Read more

Christians Must Learn to Keep Politics in Their Right Place | RELEVANT

Earlier this week, we at RELEVANT ran an excerpt from a new book by Cameron and Stuart McCallister on a healthy Christian posture for the upcoming election. The piece connected and left a lot of people wondering about what that might look like on a practical level. One way to get that question answered is... Read more

Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Warns against ‘Treating Church as Politics’

Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Warns against 'Treating Church as Politics' In a sermon at Washington D.C.'s Washington National Cathedral, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who heads the Anglican Church and is one step below the Monarch, who is the top authority of the communion, told Christians to disengage from politics at church and... Read more

Will politics and the pandemic reshape ministry in China? – Mission Network News

China (MNN) — Tension between the U.S. and China remains at an all-time high. Saber-rattling from China and a U.S. ban on Chinese social media are the latest developments in a year of division. Analysts say investments have fallen to a new nine-year low as U.S. companies feel pressured to leave Chinese markets. How do... Read more

Why we should battle through the political jargon and continue to engage with politics

(Photo: Unsplash/Martin Foskett)Be honest, how excited are you about the Government's proposal as part of the Internal Market Bill to breach the Northern Ireland protocol of the Withdrawal Agreement? Does it make you angry? Are you overcome with joy? Did you struggle to get to the end of the sentence without falling asleep? If you... Read more

Eric Metaxas Urges Young Christians to Stay Active in Politics and the Church

Eric Metaxas Urges Young Christians to Stay Active in Politics and the Church Conservative Christian commentator Eric Metaxas, a New York Times best-selling author and host of The Eric Metaxas Show, urged young Christians to remain active in their church as well as in politics in an exclusive live interview with The Christian Post.Metaxas, who authored well-researched... Read more

How to Navigate the Generational Divide in Politics

The 2020 election is already a trying season for the American church. And among the dynamics at play is a growing generational divide among conservative evangelicals. Im hearing more and more young, conservative-leaning evangelicals express disappointment at the political behavior of their conservative parentsa growing concern that theyre being radicalized into the conspiracy-spreading far-right by... Read more

How Spiritual Formation Shapes Our Politics | RELEVANT

In response to the backlash from young Christians, and the widespread political division in the church, many public leaders try to avoid the topic of politics entirely. Lobbing a claim of getting political communicates that someone is unnecessarily divisive, harboring ulterior motives, or stepping outside the bounds of their role. Were so averse to the... Read more

What Did Jesus Teach about Politics?

This article is part of the What Did Jesus Teach? series. Think about Your Brothers and Sisters When I consider the question of where the teaching of Jesus fits into our current politics, I realize that readers are likely to begin thinking right away about questions such as abortion, immigration, racism, social justice, and any... Read more

Free Audiobook: How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?

Navigating Political Difference Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. 9Marks Church Questions is a series that seeks to provide... Read more

Are Christians More Confident in Politics Than in Christ?

Just as the pandemic has exacerbated the problem of Christians beingmore shaped by online pundits than in-the-flesh pastors, it has also intensified political tribalism. With few places to converse other than our online communities, the levels of vitriol and contempt have risen to insufferable levels. Its been painful to see the church in America follow... Read more

Faith and Politics: Which Guides the Other?

Editors note: Five powerful and diverse evangelical voices came together in a first-ever National Town Hall on Evangelical Faith and Politics (Aug. 6, Facebook Live), moderated by Lisa Sharon Harper, to bravely start the conversation Evangelicals need to have in this consequential year for our nation: Charles Robinson from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma works... Read more

The National Town Hall on Evangelical Faith and Politics

The National Town Hall on Evangelical Faith and Politics was convened by Freedom Road LLC in partnership with Evangelicals for Justice, The Voices Project, Global Immersion Project and Evangelicals for Social Action. You can watch the inaugural Town Hall on Facebook. This is the first piece in an eight-part series. Follow Freedom Road on Facebook... Read more

20 Quotes on Loving Church Members with Different Politics

I (Matt Smethurst) recently read Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli’s helpful new booklet, How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (Crossway, 2020). It’s an ideal resource for church leaders to recommend and give away to their congregations during a contentious election season. The following 20 quotes caught my attention. Our concern here is... Read more

Boys State: Reason to Fear, and Hope, for the Future of Politics

As a father of two boys, Im grateful they are too young to track with the dumpster fire that is 2020. Im glad they have no knowledge of all that has been lost, destroyed, closed, canceled, and humbled by this pandemic-crippled, politics-poisoned year. And yet the chaotic wreckage of this world is what they will... Read more

In Politics, Do Christians Have to Choose Between Compassion and Conviction? | RELEVANT Magazine

Do you advocate social justice or family values? Do you support women or are you against abortion? Do you love the poor or do you believe in personal responsibility? Dont answer those questions or at least not in the way theyre asked. They are based on a false premise and thus create a false... Read more

Can Kindness Heal a World Divided by Pandemic and Politics? Ashlee Eiland Thinks So

Can Kindness Heal a World Divided by Pandemic and Politics? Ashlee Eiland Thinks So (RNS) When asked what she would write about if she could write about anything, Ashlee Eilands answer was immediate.Kindness.It was 2018, and the pastor said the divisiveness and contention in public conversations was weighing heavily on her. Eiland, the... Read more

Living Faith in Local Politics: How One Mayor Leads

Odds are that even if youve heard of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, youve never been there. If you did visit, some things wouldnt surprise you. The small city of around 200,000 is surrounded by miles of fields and farms, vulnerable to tornadoes and flooding, and is strugglingas you may have heardwith methamphetamines. But its also... Read more

How to Know If Youve Made an Idol of Politics

Have you considered you might have made an idol of politics? Here we go again, I thought. I wasnt surprised by the question. Idol-hunting, after all, is a favorite pastime of my fellow evangelicals. But I was caught off guard by the candidate for the potential idol. Its certainly possible Ive made an idol of... Read more

Politics overshadow unified catastrophe response within the Philippines – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Philippines (MNN) — Determined occasions name for determined measures: its a phrase used to explain excessive motion taken underneath dire circumstances. Some could use this to explain the president of the Philippines assertion final week concerning lockdown violaters. However, as Herman Moldez of Asian Entry explains, issues arent at all times what they appear.... Read more