More Americans Are Going Hungry Now Than at Any Other Point in the Pandemic | RELEVANT

A new data analysis survey from the Washington Post found that around 26 million Americans currently say they don’t have enough to eat. While food insecurity has long loomed large in the U.S., the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the blight of hunger in the country to new levels. With government relief aid drying up and... Read more

The Mandalorian Recap: Guns and Ships (Season 2, Episode 4) – Christ and Pop Culture

Were running a weekly recap of The Mandalorian on Disney+ for season two. There are spoilers, duh! Youve been warned. No kids, we are not there yet. I know, I know. Im excited to see Ahsoka Tano too, BUT FIRST, we need to stop on the planet Nevarro in this week’s episode, “The Siege.” Why?... Read more

This Thanksgiving, Come to the Table

My dish sits on the table in front of me, piled high with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and glazed carrots: the flavors of home. To my left and right are my siblings and in-laws, nephew and nieces passing gravy and commenting on the green beans. This family of minepieced together and added to through marriage and... Read more

TGC Q&A: How Do I Proclaim Christ as the Only Way in a Pluralistic Age?

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Heather Calvillo: Welcome back to TGC Q&A, a podcast from The Gospel Coalition where each week you’ll hear conversations between members of our council and friends, who provide their unique perspective on your... Read more

Ron Howard on Why He’s ‘Interested in the Way People Work Together to Achieve Something’ | RELEVANT

Few Americans have been part of the entertainment conversation longer than Ron Howard. He was a welcome guest in home across the U.S. in his Andy Griffith Showdays and, of course, asHappy Days‘ Richie Cunningham. Today, he’s become maybe even more famous on the other side of the camera as an Oscar-winning filmmaker behind movies... Read more

Thanksgiving Is No Time to Obsess About Healthy Eating | RELEVANT

As you’re planning your (safe, socially distanced) Thanksgiving feast this year, you might feel the temptation towards moderation. After all, it’s been a long quarantine season. You may have gained a little weight from all that late night boredom snacking. Maybe you should cut back a little for Thanksgiving, right? Not so fast. Lets just... Read more

The Prosecutor Who Put Brandon Bernard on Death Row Her Changed His Mind. Is It Too Late? | RELEVANT

Prior to this year, no federal executions had taken place in the U.S. since 2003. But then in July, Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump resumed the practice and have authorized the death penalty eight times. Number nine is Lisa Montgomery, scheduled to die for her murder of a pregnant woman in 2004.... Read more

Generosity Is the Mark of True Gratitude | RELEVANT

It’s easy to be selfish about Thanksgiving. You see it a lot, this year especially. People don’twantto socially distance. Theywantto get together, eat a big meal and watch football. That’s perfectly understandable. It has, emphatically, been a long year. Getting together to laze the days away with loved ones almost sounds worth taking a chance... Read more

Persuasion 207 | Thankful People, with Dustin Crowe

Thanksgiving is typically full of feasting and family and friends. But this year? For most of us, gathering with others to enjoy our typical feast is off the table due to the global pandemic. Even if you are able to celebrate with your immediate family, the day is likely to be tinged with emptiness. And... Read more

Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Socially Distanced Concert Film Will Go to Disney Plus | RELEVANT

While Taylor Swift likes to talk about how normal and boring her life is, she’s unusual in at least one respect: The woman does not sleep. Fresh on the heel of her record-breaking album of quiet quarantine anthems Folklorecomes another project. Disney Plus will host the album’s concert film or, at least, what counts for... Read more

Beyonc Is Now the Second-Most Nominated Artist in Grammy History | RELEVANT

The Grammy nominations landed on Tuesday and along with them, another chance to argue about the Grammys. What purpose do they serve? Have they ever gotten anything right? How did Noah Cyrus, an artist who’s been releasing singles since 2016, snag a “Best New Artist” nomination? But things seems fairly appropriate. Beyonc snagged nine nominations,... Read more

Inside TikTok’s Wild COVID-19 Vaccine as Christian Persecution Meme | RELEVANT

TikTok memes run the gamut from bizarre to hilarious to even genuinely thoughtful or daringly creative. But like any social media platform, great power comes with great responsibility and not every user is quite up to the task. Take user @itstaylorrouseau, a TikTok user with almost 560,000 followers. Most of her TikToks are the usual... Read more

Dont Let 2020 Stop Your Thanksgiving

On a chilly autumn night, my family sat together on a firm, wooden pew in our small New England church. At home, the giant turkey thawed in an ice-water bath in the kitchen sink. My mothers and grandmothers pies lined the counter. Wed driven 45 minutes to the Thanksgiving Eve service that night, a tradition... Read more

Justice For the Rest of Us | RELEVANT

Lets face it, there will never be a way to simply add justice to your lifeno seven easy steps to a life of love and justice, no simple measure that lets you feel good about making a difference in your spare time. A biblical life of love and justice requires a deep intentionality that can... Read more

Gen Z Is Most Likely to Say Faith Has Been ‘Important’ During the Pandemic | RELEVANT

Becket is a law firm that has only recently started issuing a Religious Freedom Index report, which analyzes how Americans are feeling about religious liberties. The report has a few interesting findings about how Americans’ spiritual beliefs have been impacted by pandemic season, including this little chestnut: no age group has relied on faith more... Read more

How to Put Thankfulness Into Practice | RELEVANT

Committing to a lifestyle of thanksgiving and joy is a beautiful and transformative process that can truly change our outlooks, emotions, perspectives and lives. As Henri Nouwen said, Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep on choosing it every day. Here are a few ways to choose joy... Read more

NBA Players Met With Pope Francis to Discuss Social Justice Issues | RELEVANT

Kyle Korver, Sterling Brown, Anthony Tolliver, Marco Belinelli and Jonathan Isaac accepted an invitation from the Vatican to meet with the Pope and talk about the year in justice. Article/Post Source

The Christian Medical and Dental Association Is Begging Churches to Stop Holding In-Person Services | RELEVANT

The Christian Medical and Dental Association is an enormous and influential group of over 20,000 Christian healthcare professionals in the U.S. who have been urging all Americans, but especially Christians, to love their neighbor and slow the spread of COVID-19 by abiding by social distancing guidelines. The group released a series of guidelines to help... Read more

5 Money Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Season | RELEVANT

Let me guess, your to holiday to-do list is 427 feet long already. The quarantine calendar bleeds red seasonal markups with Zoom office parties, Zoom family gatherings, Zoom church obligations and maybe even Zoom school programs. There are celebrations to be had, gifts to be wrapped, traditions to be honored and of course food. The... Read more

CAPC Magazine Issue 3 of 2020: Stories – Christ and Pop Culture

Letter from the Editor: The Perfect Story Im guilty of wanting the perfect story. I can spend an hour clicking between Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix trying to figure out what show I want to start watching rather than ever starting one. I will Google and read lists of what shows I should watch, what... Read more

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Nominee Tony Blinken Once Went on ‘Sesame Street’ to Talk Refugees | RELEVANT

President-elect Joe Biden is moving ahead with cabinet picks and just sort of ignoring President Donald Trump’s flailing legal effort to overturn the election results. The New York Times reports that among Biden’s expected moves is the nomination of Tony Blinken to Secretary of State. Blinken is a well-known advocate for global alliances and worked... Read more

Let the Story Live a Natural Life – Christ and Pop Culture

For creators and the participants both, there lies a danger in loving a story to its own detriment. A perverse love fails to love a story for the good within it, but rather desires it to go on and on, never ending . . . Thiscontentis for Christ and Pop Culture members only. If you'd... Read more

Christian Storytelling and the Upsidedown Shadowlands – Christ and Pop Culture

"Further up and further in” is an imaginary concept, informed by legend and myth, and also Scripture. These are invitations for all to partake in bigger experiences, conversations, joy, and peace . . . This content is for Christ and Pop Culture members only. If you'd like to continue reading it, either log in to your account... Read more

On the Come Up and Letting the Story Speak – Christ and Pop Culture

Clinging to my perspective while reading endangers my practice of reading as a method of gaining insight . . . This content is for Christ and Pop Culture members only. If you'd like to continue reading it, either log in to your account or subscribe today. Article/Post Source

2020 Has Felt Like Advent All Year

For many, 2020 has felt like one long groan. Between the pandemic, a struggling economy, the isolation of quarantine and online school, civil unrest, racial injustice, wildfires, hurricanes, a noisy election, and divisive public discourse, this year has reminded us again and again of our mortality, lack of control, and collective brokenness. As 2020 comes... Read more

Propaganda on Why He’s Not Ready for Justice Activists to Go Back to Brunch Yet | RELEVANT

Although President Donald Trump’s various attempts at a legal challenge to the vote continue unabated, there is just no reason to doubt that Joe Biden handily won the election and will be sworn in as president in January. This raises all sorts of emotions and, in some cases, lack thereof among the American populace. Some,... Read more

Movies You Can Watch With Your Parents That Are Actually Good | RELEVANT

OK, presumably, not many of us are headed home for the holidays. Unless you’re already living with your parents (which, all things considered, is neither unlikely nor anything to be embarrassed about) you’re probably, hopefully keeping Thanksgiving a small, socially distanced affair this year as we all do our best to flatten that nerve-wracking curve... Read more

Well, Sean Feucht Is Now Selling ‘Jesus Christ: Super-Spreader’ T-Shirts, Apparently | RELEVANT

We’ve covered Sean Feucht’s current Let Us Worship campaign, in which the one-time Bethel Music worship leader is traveling coast-to-coast protesting state-mandated social distancing guidelines with an outdoor concert series. His protest/worship concert hybrids have understandably stirred up a lot of strong reactions. Some from people who resonate with Feucht’s notion that current guidelines issued... Read more

How to Find Rest in Restless Times | RELEVANT

Most of us have been there. We wake up, somehow peel ourselves out of the bed and reach for our phone. By the time weve scrolled through junk email, news, socials and all the wonderful, worrisome or weird things to be found on the Internet, the clock has moved much further than we thought. A... Read more

Pfizer Is Submitting Its COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency FDA Approval Today | RELEVANT

Good news alert: Pfizer is submitting its COVID-19 vaccine to the FDA, requesting emergency approval to speed up the process and begin distribution to Americans. Pfizer has evidence that the vaccine is safe and about 95 percent effective at blocking the vaccine. If all goes well, the first doses of the vaccine could be administered... Read more