Evangelical Leaders Ask Ohio’s Board of Health to Deem Pornography a Public Health Crisis

Evangelical Leaders Ask Ohio's Board of Health to Deem Pornography a Public Health Crisis Evangelical leaders in Ohio presented the states Board of Health with a resolution this week that calls for pornography to be deemed a public health crisis.According to CBN News, 74 evangelical leaders in Ohio agreed to sign their name to the... Read more

FactChecker: Do Christian Men Watch More Pornography?

Editors’ note:  FactChecker is an occasional series in which we examine claims, myths, and misunderstandings frequently heard in evangelical circles. The Claim: Christian menparticularly those living in the Bible Beltconsume as much, if not more, pornography than their non-religious peers do. The Background: There appear to be two sources for the origination of this claim.... Read more

Something New under the Sun: Hyper-Reality and Pornography – Christ and Pop Culture

In a 2018 piece in New York Magazine, Max Read inquired, How much of the internet is fake? He asked this not so much about factual content or so-called fake news, but rather because studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human; some years, according to some... Read more

Why Youre Fallacious About Getting Freed from Pornography

[ad_1] I Was Fallacious Too:Fifteen years later, and I used to be nonetheless drowning within the disgrace of a horrible porn behavior.I figured if I put in a couple of web filters, discovered accountability companions, and made a couple of high-stakes guarantees to God, my conduct would change very quickly.Every one got here up quick.Free... Read more

Four Causes Christians Ought to Help Banning Pornography

[ad_1] Earlier this month, 4 Republican members of the U.S. Home despatched a letter to the U.S. Legal professional Common recommending that he declare the prosecution of obscene pornography a felony justice precedence, and that he advise U.S. attorneys to start out prosecuting the key producers and distributors of such materials. The Congressmen level out... Read more

Cory Asbury: How Gods Reckless Love Helped Me Struggle Pornography | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] I used to be launched to pornography at an early age, in all probability round 12 or so. As I stated, pornography was one of many ugly elements of my life for a few years, even into my 20s after I had develop into a full-time worship chief. As a result of... Read more

A Girl’s Information to Overcoming Pornography

[ad_1] One in three guests to grownup web sites are ladies. Porn dependancy isnt only a guys problem, howeverregardless of this actuality theres nonetheless quite a lot of disgrace and stigma surrounding the subject in Christiancommunities. That is altering because of the work of ministries like XXXchurch.com and otherswho embody ladies of their assets. Extra... Read more