Jodie Comer Is Reportedly Being Considered for the Lead Role in a ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel | RELEVANT Magazine

Five years ago, Mad Max: Fury Roadcannonballed into theaters like a flaming guitar solo and set a whole new bar for what an action movie could be. The sequel to Mel Gibson’s diesel-fueled, post-apocalyptic franchise was a wake up call to Hollywood and absolutely broke the mold so hard that nobody else has really... Read more

Gaston Is Getting His Own Live-Action Prequel Miniseries on Disney+ | RELEVANT Magazine

Gaston Is Getting His Personal Reside-Motion Prequel Miniseries on Disney+ | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] NOOOOOOOOO ONNNNNNNNNE stars like Gaston in a present like Gaston. Sure, the testosterone-crazed chad of Disney days previous is returning for a prequel that absolutely somebody, someplace is interested by. 2017’s Emma Watson-starring live-action Magnificence and the Beastmade some huge cash with out actually lighting the world on fireplace, but it surely... Read more

The Prequel to Your Religion: Gods Electing Love

The Prequel to Your Religion: Gods Electing Love

[ad_1] Prequels may cause issues. Whether or not we’re speaking about The Lord of the Rings movies and the later-released prequel, The Hobbit (and sure, I do know they have been books means earlier than they have been movies), or the prequels within the Star Wars saga that includes essentially the most unloveable character in... Read more