The Trailer for HBO’s Upcoming ‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion Special Is Everything You Could Hope For | RELEVANT

As the U.S. begins to set its sights on a second lockdown to flatten another COVID-19 curve, we’re all anxious to see what morsels of nostalgia the pop culture overlords will provide for us this time. And, good news, take a moment, just sit right there, we’ve got our first trailer for a doozy. HBO... Read more

Deliver Us: What the Prince of Egypt Has to Say about Suffering – Christ and Pop Culture

My soundtrack this summer has been the music for the Prince of Egypt. More than 20 years old, this animated film from Dreamworks is the story of the Hebrew peoples longing for deliverance from systemic oppression and death. The story has sudden, painful relevance in the face of the pandemic that continues to rage and... Read more

The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Is Apparently Getting a Serious, Dramatic Reboot | RELEVANT Magazine

Last year, the Internet flipped out over this gritty, fan-made trailer for a hypothetical reboot ofThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Amateur filmmaker Morgan Cooper recruited some friends for a surprisingly savvy spin on the sitcom’s premise, stripping Will’s relocation of its goofy hijinks to ground it in a more serious, dramatic context. It works... Read more

‘It’s OK to not feel OK,’ says Prince William during Church service for mental health

The Duke of Cambridge urged people to "reach out" if they were struggling with their mental healthPrince William has encouraged people to speak to each other if they are concerned about their mental health as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Duke of Cambridge made the comments while taking part in the Church of England's... Read more