Dolly Parton, America’s Brightest Angel, Was a Funder of Moderna’s Promising New COVID Vaccine | RELEVANT

On Monday, new reports of a very promising new COVID-19 vaccine were published from pharmaceutical giant Moderna. At this point, virtuallyanysign that things are looking up on the pandemic front is a cause for celebration, but this particular good news comes with one of the all-time great American soundtracks: Dolly Parton was one of its... Read more

Another COVID-19 Vaccine Is Showing Some Very Promising Early Potential | RELEVANT

Last week, Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine was showing promising early signs of effectiveness. Now, Moderna has joined the chat. Data released by the pharmaceutical giant suggest that their vaccine is 94.5 percent effective against the virus in early tests, making them the second U.S. company to achieve a remarkably high success rate. An... Read more

Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine Research Looks Promising and Would Be Sold at a Not-for-Profit Price | RELEVANT Magazine

In the race for a vaccine to set the COVID-19 pandemic on its heels, Oxford University is leading the way. Experts have been thrilled with the research being done there, and the Economist predicted that Oxford is “the likeliest candidate to produce the worlds first vaccine against COVID-19.” On Wednesday, early research shows just... Read more

Dolly Parton Is Serving to Fund One of many Most Promising COVID-19 Remedies Out There | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A couple of weeks in the past, Dolly Parton introduced that she was donating 1,000,000 {dollars} in the direction of COVID-19 analysis on the Vanderbilt Vaccine Heart. That’s no shock for certainly one of America’s most charitable celebrities, who’s made a behavior out of quietly freely giving thousands and thousands of {dollars}... Read more