Do Africas Self-Styled Prophets Fear COVID-19? – TGC Africa

COVID-19 continues to deal unprecedented blows to our collective human existence, revealing our fragility. Even religion is not exempt from its complications. For the effects of the pandemic on religious activities have been monumental. Some of these effects have also revealed some surprises. One such surprise has been the activities of self-proclaimed ‘prophets’ in Africa.... Read more

We Need Prophets, Not Partisans

We Want Prophets, Not Partisans

[ad_1] We dwell in all or nothing, us or them occasions. Youre both all with ustoeing the occasion line on each frontor youre with them. Youre both reliable since you agree with us on the whole lot, or youre completely untrustworthy and a harmful threateven if merely since you dissent from us 5 p.c of... Read more