What Jesus’ Clearing the Temple Can Teach Us About Protesting | RELEVANT Magazine

In this season of mass protests and even riots over injustice, both in the United States and Lebanon (where I currently live), it seems like there is no better time to sit back and do a brief but serious look at the famous episode of Jesus cleansing of the temple. First, I want to... Read more

‘Protesting Isn’t Going Change Anybody,’ Only Jesus Can, Texas Man Professes

'Protesting Isn't Going Change Anybody,' Only Jesus Can, Texas Man Professes One man from Texas is calling for a change in America that goes beyond protesting.Jerry Roberts, who works as a facilities maintenance manager at a farm in Texas, recently shared a message titled What are you talking about? on his Facebook page... Read more

On Protesting: A Theological Reflection for the Privileged (like me)

Jesus didnt come to maintain the peace of the state. That version of peace (known as the Pax Romana) was designed to sustain the status quo so those in power could remain in power. So the comfortable could remain comfortable. So the oppressed would remain oppressed. So justice could be dispensed or withheld at the... Read more

Christian Leaders Are Marching, Speaking Up and Protesting Racial Violence | RELEVANT Magazine

Over the weekend, people across the country and all over the world protested the unjust killing of George Floyd, who was the latest black person to be killed by the state for no reason. The unrest has set off many important conversations and actions, as well as plenty of anxiety, unrest and outrage as... Read more