10 Psalms to Guide You in Prayer and Meditation

If I were to sit down and make a list of all the things that have gone wrong this year, it would be long. All the ways I felt let down, overwhelmed, anxious, and confused could go on and on.The best remedy for the 2020 blues is to adjust our attitude.While we can look at... Read more

6 Beautiful Psalms to Encourage You in Your Daily Life

Many of us have learned how to cope with lifes big momentsthe mountains and the valleys, the times of wild bliss, and those dark periods of anguish and turmoil. But what about regular daily life, the day-to-day grind that can feel at times monotonous or even meaningless? On occasion, we all experience seasons when daily... Read more

Behind-the-Scenes: The Creation of the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty

Elevate Gods Voice We are bombarded with countless competing messages throughout the day. Giving priority to the Scriptures can help ensure that we make Gods voice the loudest among them. For singer and hymn writer Kristyn Getty, hearing Scripture and reading it aloud has been an important part of her ministry and family life. Learn... Read more

10 Beautiful Psalms for Autumn & Prayers for a New Season

God is eternally unchanging and faithfulno matter the season, no matter the circumstances. Its early, just after dawn. I plunge my spade into the blackest of soil, and grin as I hear that rowdy rooster from down the lane. He sounds extra energized this morning. Perhaps its the slight nip in the air? I hold... Read more

20 Psalms and Songs of Peace for a Worried Spirit

16. Psalm 131:1-2My heart is not proud, LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.Let go of striving, be content... Read more

Introducing the 30 Days in the Psalms with Kristyn Getty Podcast

Discover Afresh the Beauty and Power of God's Word The book of Psalms has been cherished by Christians for centuries. Down through the ages and across the globe, the church has clung to these biblical songs and poems in times of celebration and times of suffering. Passages that give expression to the greatest joys and... Read more

Giveaway: Psalms Resources

Honest Song and Prayer The Psalms give voice to raw emotion: joyful praise, honest lament, and heartfelt repentance. As we hear and pray through these biblical songs as believers, we join with the authors of Scripture who also suffered and rejoiced, pouring out our thoughts toward God in prayer. Enter to Win To celebrate the... Read more

How the Psalms Teach Us to Sing

Oh sing to the LORD a new song;sing to the LORD, all the earth!Sing to the LORD, bless his name;tell of his salvation from day to day.Declare his glory among the nations,his marvelous works among all the peoples!For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;he is to be feared above all gods.For all... Read more

5 Questions about the Psalms

This article is part of the Questions and Answers series. Q. What is the purpose of the psalms? A: The covenant name YHWH is used nearly seven hundred times in the Psalms! The Psalms are LORD-centered monotheistic songs. That is, they praise the one true Creator, the maker of heaven and earth and ruler of... Read more

Crossway+ Exclusive: 50% Off the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty

An Exclusive Deal for Crossway+ Members Starting today and running through August 11, 2020, Crossway+ members receive an exclusive deal of 50% off the digital download of the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty. Comfort and Hope The book of Psalms, cherished by Christians throughout the centuries, is the Bibles collection of heartfelt hymns of... Read more

Introducing the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty

Hear the Word The book of Psalms, cherished by Christians throughout the centuries, is the Bibles collection of heartfelt hymns of praise, prayers of lament, and songs of thanksgiving. Featuring the voice of modern hymn writer Kristyn Getty, the ESV Psalms, Read by Kristyn Getty captures the expressions of tearful lament, prayerful meditation, and exuberant... Read more

8 Psalms, 7 Ways

It shouldnt be surprising that Christian musicians return, again and again, to the Psalms for inspiration. The Bibles songbook is an incredibly rich, timeless repository of poetry, prayer, and worship. The Psalms are theologically and emotionally robust, vivid in their imagery and raw in their honest expression. We dont know what the Psalms sounded like... Read more

Why We Need the Psalms More Than Ever Before

Recent events have left many of us reeling. A pandemic that has taken more than 100,000 American lives. Soaring unemployment. Footage of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyds brutal murders. National and local leaders who seem unable to bring unity when we need it most. Worry may be a natural response to the crises facing our... Read more

Psalms of Justice

I didnt grow up in a church tradition that talked about justice. In fact, I don’t recall a single sermon or song that addressed God’s heart for justice. As a child growing up in an evangelical congregation in Guatemala City, justice was what the Roman Catholics did. When I moved to the United States in... Read more

Be Adventurous. Sing the Psalms.

Editors’ note:  Take part in TGCs Read the Bible initiative, where were encouraging Christians and churches to read together through Gods Word in a year. Do you sing psalms in your church? I guess that in most Bible-teaching churches today the answer is no, or not very often, or perhaps sometimes in a metrical version,... Read more

10 Prayers from Psalms to Set Your Mind on Jesus in the Morning

There is a gray chair that sits in the corner of our living room. On the floor next to it is a stack of books Im currently reading through as well as a Chronological Bible Im determined to finish this year. It has become a well known unwritten rule in our house that it is... Read more

20 Psalms to Calm Your Stress and Anxiety

16. It is God who arms me with strength,And makes my way perfect. (Psalm 18:32 NKJV)Its His strength that carries us through, not our own!17. The Lord is my light and my salvation;Whom shall I fear?The Lord is the strength of my life;Of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1 NKJV)When we see as He sees, through... Read more

5 Reasons Pastors Need the Psalms

Sometimes a gift grows on you. Several years ago, after I completed a dissertation on the Psalms, a friend gave me a small hardback copy of the Psalter. It wasnt fancy or expensive. But over the years, it’sbecome one of the best gifts Ive ever receiveda book for prayer more than readingbecause now, more than... Read more

5 Psalms to Contemplate This Week – Bible Gateway Blog

As COVID-19 continues to plague our world, our nation, and our communities, the importance of turning in desperation to God’s Word cannot be overstated. I’d like to share 5 Psalms that represent a spectrum of emotions, from confidence to despairsentiments that many of us might feel within the span of a single hour. [Read the... Read more

Desire a Clear, Resilient, and Fearless Lifetime of Religion? Learn the Psalms: An Interview with W. David O. Taylor – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] How does the e-book of Psalms assist make sense of life, artwork, metaphor, violence, struggling, and mortality? How do the Psalms replicate God’s attributes of justice, grace, goodness, therapeutic, energy, and refuge? How are the millennia-old psalms a information to dwelling faithfully the fashionable Christian life within the midst of joys, sorrows, angers, doubts,... Read more

5 Causes Pastors Want the Psalms

[ad_1] Typically a present grows on you. A number of years in the past, after I accomplished a dissertation on the Psalms, a buddy gave me a small hardback copy of the Psalter. It wasnt fancy or costly. However through the years, it’sbecome top-of-the-line items Ive ever receiveda guide for prayer greater than readingbecause now,... Read more

Journey via the Psalms: A 7-Day Devotional

[ad_1] This text is a part of the ESV.org Studying Plans collection. Sing a New Tune People are relational, emotional beingsand nothing reveals this extra superbly than the e book of Psalms. Because the psalmists pour out their hearts to God, they uncover the multifaceted character of the Lord almighty and reveal his grace-filled plans... Read more