How Purity Culture Rhetoric Can Teach Men to Devalue Women | RELEVANT

In purity rhetoric for men, women are often depicted as damsels in distress, but also as damsels causing distress. Its confusing. Instead of encouraging men to heed Pauls advice to treat older women as mothers, and younger women assisters, with absolute purity (1 Timothy 5:2). Christian books for men focus more on avoiding women than... Read more

Nationalism, Purity Culture, and Hijacked Christianity

This week, RLC Interim Executive Director Elaina Ramsey was interviewed, along with other women, for an article published at Gen entitled “These Evangelical Women Are Abandoning Trump and Their Churches.” Read an excerpt here and find the link for the full article below. In exit pollsfrom the 2016 election, 80% of white evangelicals and the... Read more

Biblical Constructing-Blocks for Sexual Purity – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Tright here was a time in my life after I would usually be referred to as upon to talk as regards to sexual purity, particularly to teams of mena predictable consequence of writing a e-book titled Sexual Detox. However over time I grew somewhat weary of the subject and fortunately moved on. Lately, although,... Read more

What to Do with the Bibles Purity Legal guidelines

[ad_1] Concern of defilement and uncleanness appears so overseas to us, so primitive. Historical Jews, following the Mosaic legislation, handled ladies as unclean throughout their month-to-month intervals (Lev. 15:924), and nonetheless immediately Muslims imagine bodily fluids defile clothes. Tribal cultures are filled with taboos, and Hindus of sure castes keep away from contact with individuals... Read more

eXXXamine – Actual & Uncooked Conversations About Porn & Purity

[ad_1] XXXchurch.com is worked up to announce our new podcast/interview collection titled, eXXXamine – Actual & Uncooked Conversations About Porn & Purity. On this collection, Brittni De La Mora interviews folks from all walks of life who've been immediately and not directly affected by porn. Youll hear from:Former porn addicts (each female and male)A former... Read more