God stories and bizarre Eid al-Fitr follow Ramadan 2020 – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Eid al-Fitr is a three-day celebration following Ramadan when Muslims break their month-long fast. As described here, Eid al-Fitr was a subdued occasion this year for most who follow Islam. Isolation measures prevented communal practices, USA Today reports: Typically, Muslims gather at mosques and prayer areas in the morning to perform Eid... Read more

Gods Spirit stirs hearts during Ramadan - Mission Network News

Gods Spirit stirs hearts throughout Ramadan – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Close to East (MNN) — The coronavirus pandemic is making life much more troublesome in most components of the Close to East area Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Theres been lots of people that haven't been in a position to work for the final two months; [many] haven't been in a position to obtain... Read more

New series premieres just in time for Ramadan - Mission Network News

New sequence premieres simply in time for Ramadan – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Worldwide (MNN) — God typically strikes mightily within the Muslim world by means of desires and visions throughout Ramadan. The Islamic holy month begins at dusk tonight. Had been praying that God sends a lightning flash from heaven into the Muslim world that may simply shake them up. And theyll say, Lord, who're you?,... Read more

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Methods to pray for Muslims in lockdown throughout Ramadan

[ad_1] Worldwide (MNN) — It'll be a really totally different Ramadan this yr for Muslims world wide with the coronavirus pandemic nonetheless protecting many nations on lockdown. The 30-day vacation of fasting and prayer begins tonight at nightfall. Nevertheless, mosques wont be holding gatherings for Ramadan prayers. Households and buddies wont be coming collectively to... Read more