RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums | RELEVANT

Sufjan Steven’s surprise album release a couple of weeks ago, The Ascension, caused quite a stir among his fans and critics. And it got us thinking where the project landed in Sufjan’s all-time catalog. So, after two weeks of diligent research and debate, we present to you RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums. How... Read more

The Christ and Pop Tradition 25 Podcast | Half 2 – Rating the Record

[ad_1] Jonathan Clauson Jonathan Clauson (Podcast Producer) began his profession with Clear Channel radio within the late 1990s as a producer and on-air expertise. He later graduated from Full Sail College with a level in Movie & Video Manufacturing. After acquiring one IMDB credit score to his identify, he went to work for EA Sports... Read more