The Why Behind Rapid Cultural Shifts in Gender Politics

An Underlying Condition One of the most shocking things for many traditionalists and religious conservatives has been the dramatic speed at which the sexual revolutionspecifically in its political form relative to the LGBTQ+ movementhas taken place. Twenty years ago, most Americans disagreed with gay marriage. Now, to disagree with gay marriage almost puts you on... Read more

Should Missionaries Expect Rapid Growth?

Missionaries often start their journey into ministry with high expectations. Chief among them is a hope for fruit from their labors. However, it doesnt take long for some to realize their dreams may not instantly translate into reality. Cultural differences shock the system. Language learning is slow and can frustrate a family. Team dynamics may... Read more

Ought to Missionaries Anticipate Speedy Progress?

[ad_1] Missionaries usually begin their journey into ministry with excessive expectations. Chief amongst them is a hope for fruit from their labors. Nonetheless, it doesnt take lengthy for some to appreciate their desires might not immediately translate into actuality. Cultural variations shock the system. Language studying is gradual and might frustrate a household. Staff dynamics... Read more