Global memorial service for Ravi Zacharias to be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook

Ravi Zacharias(Photo: RZIM)A global memorial service is to be held on Friday for late Christian evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias.The service starts at 11am Eastern Time on May 29, and is to be streamed live via on YouTube and on Facebook. Christian leaders around the world paid tribute to Zacharias after his passing on May 18 after... Read more

Ravi Zacharias dies aged 74 – From a teenage sceptic to 48 glorious years of Christian ministry

Ravi Zacharias and his wife Margie(Photo: RZIM)Apologist Ravi Zacharias passed away this morning at his home in Atlanta, following a brief battle with bone cancer. He was 74.The Christian apologist was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in March 2020 after going in for back surgery on February 20. Since then, he had... Read more

In memory of Ravi Zacharias

J John Wed 20 May 2020 6:12 BST Ravi Zacharias and his wife MargieRavi Zacharias, the powerful evangelist and apologist for Christ, has been promoted to glory.Ravi was a man who, as a teenager, had a dramatic conversion to Christ and spent the rest of his life proclaiming Jesus across the world with authority, intelligence... Read more

Christian leaders pay tribute to Ravi Zacharias

Evangelical Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias says those who expose the truth about Islam do so at great risk to their personal safety.(RZIM)Christian leaders worldwide are paying tribute to Christian apologist, author and speaker, Ravi Zacharias, who died Tuesday from a rare form of cancer. He was 74.Zacharias' daughter, Sarah Davis, announced her father's passing in... Read more

Ravi Zacharias, a man who understood the human search for meaning and dedicated his life to preaching around the globe

Ravi Zacharias(Photo: RZIM)The first time I met Ravi Zacharias I was doing postgraduate work in theology and hoping to one day serve the Lord with apologetics. Our mutual friend Michael Ramsden invited my husband and me to have dinner with Ravi and we found ourselves sharing an Indian meal and conversation that would change the... Read more